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So the game occasionally freezes after playing for sometime , sometimes it can be 1 hour or 2 or sometimes 30-35 minutes of playing and this happens even after copying the Dinput.dll into the game directory which fixes fps issues. Extraction point is the worst which often keeps on freezing at exact same spots for no apparent reason , looking online it seems lots of people have this issue , some suggest restarting the game or signing out of the windows but game still freezes on same spots occasionally after reloading .
I actually solved the issue without having to restart PC or sign out , just open Task manager on desktop and go to options and tick the Always on Top option , whenever the game freezes and shows black screen just press escape key once and the game will pause because game is still running in the background , after that press control+alt+delete keys and select task manager , the game will minimize automatically , after that don't end the f.e.a.r game process instead just wait for few seconds , close the task manger and maximize the game again from taskbar and the game will start working again from the same spot without having to restart or sign out .The game will freeze again later on after playing for hour or so but then again repeat this step and game will keep on working indefinitely this way . Its annoying but still game is playable from start to finish without having to use cheats to skip levels or restarting it again and again .