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I've put together Wine wrappers for FEAR and FEAR 2, allowing them to be played on Linux almost like native games & with no Wine knowledge required.

Simply run the build script to create the wrapper. If the installer files are not alongside the wrapper build files then the path to them will need to be specified either by passing it as an argument to the build script with -respath="<path>" or by setting an environment variable named WINEWRAP_RESPATH containing it. You can change the path to build the wrapper in and the name of the wrapper directory with the -buildpath= and -dirname= arguments. The build path can also be set with the WINEWRAP_BUILDPATH environment variable.

The output will be a directory containing the game set up within a preconfigured Wine prefix, along with its own copy of Wine, extracted game icons, documentation, and start script(s). From there simply run the start script to play. The start script also includes options for creating a shortcut, configuring the wrapper etc.

(to uninstall simply delete the game directory and any shortcuts you created, and the game's user data directory in ~/.local/share if you don't want to keep your saves & settings)

User saves are stored under ~/.local/share/fear and ~/.local/share/fear2

Full details are in the readme.txt and release notes. Here are the download links:

(40.7 kB, SHA256: 06b1b7966a5bd55460144d4a8e5424def1ca506451977fb8728e8434c3a2a065)

(41.9 kB, SHA256: 9d93d7fe0429b8f992de615c2472092a5e8e3030927c126a0bf35be8f12800cc)

Updated 2020/12/14: Updated winewrap.shlib.

These wrappers use Wine 5.0. Wine and Winetricks will be downloaded automatically if not present; to avoid redownloading for other scripts the downloaded Wine package will be stored in ~/.cache/winewrap

If anyone runs into any problems then post in this thread, Adamhm's Linux Wine Wrappers - News, FAQ &amp; Discussion and/or The "Judas&trade; does this run in Wine" thread v1.173.

Multiplayer has not been tested and may or may not work.

For more of my Linux Wine wrappers check out post 3 in this thread: Adamhm's Linux Wine Wrappers - News, FAQ &amp; Discussion
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Thank you for the scripts. So, your treatment for FEAR 2 solves their sound issues?
TaxAkla: Thank you for the scripts. So, your treatment for FEAR 2 solves their sound issues?
When I was setting it up there were initially some sound issues but these were resolved by installing xact (there was also a separate issue with positional audio in an earlier version of Wine when I first tested the game some time ago but that appears to have since been resolved). As far as I can tell there aren't any sound issues now.
Oh, thank you, very much.
I don't know if what you posted is going to work or not, I haven't tried it yet, but I'd like to thank you for making Linux support for games. We need more of that. In fact, game developers sould be making Linux the native OS for games. M$ sucks, Linux is great and free.
I have a Problem the script stops after this error. The install files seams ok because the install on Windows have no error.
For future reference if anyone else runs into the same problem: The above issue was resolved - the "unrar-free" package is inadequate; the regular "unrar" package is required.
Anyone else have issues with mouse sensitivity? In my case, it appears to be framerate dependant. In an empty room with nothing in sight, framerate is high and mouse sensitivity is correspondingly high. When you get more stuff on screen, it gets less sensitive. Enabling v-sync also reduces sensitivity dramatically.

I really can't play an FPS when the sensitivity is all over the place :(
I didn't encounter any problems like that, although my system is able to run the game without framerate issues. You could try disabling mouse smoothing & seeing if that fixes it?
adamhm: I didn't encounter any problems like that, although my system is able to run the game without framerate issues. You could try disabling mouse smoothing & seeing if that fixes it?
I already disabled that, first of all.

I don't have framerate issues.

EDIT: Performance test results:
Minimum 90
Average 295
Maximum 860

Yeah.. I tried to play for a little while but aiming like this is a real pain in the donkey.
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Ok, I finally got around to playing FEAR to the end... here's what I did:

1) Bought a 144Hz freesync monitor. This did not fix mouse sensitivity or stutter, but at least it allows me to enable vsync (without ridiculous input latency), eliminates tearing, and reduces framerate fluctuation a bit so the mouse issue got less extreme.

2) Configured mouse poll rate down to 125Hz from 1000Hz. This eliminated virtually all stutter, but sensitivity was still changing with framerate. I'm not sure but I think the engine is simply buggy and does something crazy when it gets too many mouse motion events per frame.

3) Updated wine (from 4.15 to 5.0). This seems to eliminate sensitivity fluctuations. I'm not entirely sure why, but it is possible that a wine bug hurt framerate during mouse motion (fixed in wine 4.17:, and the engine is (still) sensitive to framerate fluctuations. Now with the wine bug out and vsync enabled, I might be running at a constant 144 FPS (or at least
close enough that I don't notice a difference).

EDIT: I don't know, it seems like I'm getting ok sensitivity even with vsync off now. Bizarre.
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Congratulations! I know you have been fighting with the game for a long time now. Now it should be easy to follow the lead.
For F.E.A.R, are you able to enable EAX emulation so that surround sound can work for this game?