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I had finished the first game and decided to play FEAR XP as well. After about two hours suddenly the game would freeze in a particular area (but not at the same place). Using quick saves I got past it, but now I'm in Interval 03 - The Descent, The L and the game freezes up at the exact same time.

Background ambiance/music continues, if I move fast enough a character will finish her story, but I can't jump, shoot, move, look, go to the menu etc etc. There's, however, no error or anything.

It's when you get a signal from "Unknown Origin" and the HUD starts to flicker right after Jin Sun-Kwon has told you she arrived at the extraction point and that everyone is dead.

I'm running the game at max settings (and forced display resolution to 1920*1080 but it also happens at native resolutions).

PC Specs:
Asus Rampage IV Formula
2x 8GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 Kingston HyperX
Sapphire R9 290 4GB GDDR5

Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
Windows and all drivers are up-to-date as of now.

I have AMD Gaming Evolved installed but I have In-game overlay disabled.
I've also tested it with the Track gameplay disabled, bot to no effect.

I've also tested with everything set to the absolute lowest settings, exactly the same result.

Seems this is a fairly common problem (most experience it earier, but I quicksaved past it). For some people setting the GameRuns in Game.ini (C:\Users\Public\Documents\TimeGate Studios\FEARXP\) to GameRuns=0 fixes it. Others needed to load saves from before the level. Other's have completely reinstalled the game. Since I have no previous save I'd like to avoid new game / reinstall.
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I have same Problem. Any news about this? I'm Nervous :(
SinKong: I have same Problem. Any news about this? I'm Nervous :(
It appears to be a save file corruption.

So best advice I can give for now is Save at the beginning and end of every level in a separate save (I found the ends of the levels fairly obvious so you shouldn't have too many problems with that) and reload to the beginning of the level or, if that doesn't work, to the end of the previous level.
THX. I downloaded seve from this place [url=]w w[/url] and began new Interval 03 - The Descent, The L and it was OK, work fine now.
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I have had the exact same problem and it was so severe that I had to reinstall the game completely. Extremely annoying. The GameRun trick did not produce any result. Nor did loading an earlier saved game. The game froze even soon after starting a new game, making the whole installation awfully corrupted. No idea what has caused this but it happened first at Interval 03 - The L, which is the place most people mentioned as the source of this issue.
Extraction Point has performance issues and memory leak so if you notice that game start to slow down reload game either from checkpoints or quicksave. If it still persist use autosave. Enabling restart renderer will cause black screen during saving but can reduce lag and loading times, disabling vsync also helps, dx8 shaders can look glitchy on weapons but does help in problematic areas. If game suddenly stops being responsive and turn into slideshow quickly hit ESC and quit to Windows, then on next launch it should be fixed. It happened few times for me also in original game but only that slideshow issue. Also avoid removing any USB drives etc connected to PC while game is running because that also can cause memory issues to point of overheat for ex. when running Perseus Mandate I removed pendrive and suddenly after returning to desktop my Wi-Fi stopped working. Some weird stuff can happen to anyone. ;p
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