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Hello all
Has anyone had any success with a trainer for GOG fear 2 ?
I have downloaded and tried trainers for fear2 up to 1.04 from cheathappens, but with them all, as soon as I try to select an option the game crashes.
Right click - Properties on fear2.exe gives the version number 1.0.2473.0
I have seen patches up to version 1.05 for the game, is it worth trying them ?
OK problem solved. I found one that works
sc6jd02: OK problem solved. I found one that works
Thanks for letting us know which one worked for you :p
It's probably late in the day now, but if anyone is still searching for a trainer for the latest updated GOG version of FEAR 2 I can confirm that the: F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origin V1.5.0c Trainer +3 by MrAntiFun, works OK; at least for Health it does, which was the only thing I needed for the latter part of the game. The health cheat doesn't give you infinite protection as there are still some things that can hurt you, which from my POV strikes a nice enough balance to keep the game interesting. My thanks go to MrAntiFun without who's help I could not have completed the game as it was, from a senseless auto-save point.