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I just get a black screen but can hear audio when I start the game.

Has anyone else come across this problem and possibly know a fix?

Windows 7 and Intel HD Graphics 3000. Tried with both the GPU driver from Windows Update (dated 2014-01-29) and a fresh one from Intel (dated 2015-02-05).
Onboard graphics might be your problem.
Yeah, it could be that this game is a bit picky about IGPs.
I might have found a fix for this.

Tried the game on my notebook with Intel graphics, and got the same issue: Black screen, but music playing and when moving the mouse I could hear it selecting items.

On the desktop shortcut, right click > properties > compatibility.

Set to XP SP2 and Run as Administrator. The game then worked :)
Thanks for the tip, although that didn't seem to help in my case. What I discovered was that by changing the Vertical Sync setting in the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel from "On" to "Application Setting" made the game run properly. Vertical Sync can still be enabled from the in-game settings if desired.