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My understanding is some are permanent while some are temporary, with the temporary ones being treatable or potentially going away on their own.

While pods and contagion appear to be treatable, servitude and fury appear to not be treatable nor do they seem to disappear (even many days later) - yet they appear in the "temporary" section and not the permanent section.

Does this mean they do potentially go away or are later treatable, or is this a bug?

I've recently chucked a bunch of survivors that were heavily affected by "servitude" into the dreaded "carriage 10" - which is never powered (heh heh). Caused a bit of "chaos" but otherwise most of my other carriages (8 full now) are loving me.

Speaking of which, I once had a purge that didn't actually achieve anything because every single carriage was my supporter! For some reason I expected that different groups would have at each other, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the only thing that matters is if they're supportive, neutral or detractors (the latter two getting "purged" - unless the carriage in question outnumbers the purgers or is completely full, in which case it stops them).


On further playing, it appears what is actually happening (for fury at least, I suspect most others are the same) is this: whenever the fog "attacks" the train, if there are any injuries in a carriage the best doctor in there tries to cure them. If the doctor cannot do this, then medical supplies might be used up (and people aren't cured).

Generally it's either no one is cured and med supplies are used up, or everyone is cured (from the latest attack) and nothing is used up - though occasionally a portion of the passengers are cured (while the rest are not, yet supplies are still not used up).

After this attempt immediately after an attack, no further attempt is made to treat the passengers - ever. Which makes some sense, but you'd think another doc could try - e.g. if you move the passengers to another carriage or move a more qualified doctor to them. But this doesn't seem to occur.

I'm pretty sure this was different before the patch - but I'm still playing with my save from before the latest patch, so maybe that has something to do with it?

So far I've noticed that contagion and fury CAN be cured, but I've also had them not cured in the way described above - and then remain on the passenger forever.

I don't believe I have ever seen "servitude" cured though - not even an attempt to cure. Which makes me think that "servitude" should be a permanent affliction and not a temporary one?

One final note: IMO it would make sense if medical supplies are still used up even when people are cured - still modified by doctor skill, but even the best doc would eventually run out of medical supplies one would think. And it's not like there's a lack of medical supplies in the game world... Just an additional thought...
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