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While I'm spamming this board with potential bugs etc., I figured it would be great if there was some kind of record of what happened during a mission that you could access later.

At the moment we can access the mission transcripts - which are potentially useful for detecting upcoming purges/coupes, but don't actually record much else.

The thing is, there IS a really good record of all this available immediately after a mission in the message capsule: mission duration, lottery winners, who died, who was saved and where they were sent, what was retrieved and where it was sent. It's a really good record.

Unfortunately, that's the only time we ever see it! Even the individual carriage logs - which always record any transfers of passengers or goods when done manually (among other things), do not for some reason record what or who was added from a salvaging mission!

So, it would be awesome if either the carriage logs DID record stuff/people retrieved from a salvaging mission (and possibly also deaths if the lottery winner that died was from that carriage), and/or if there were some other record (e.g. on the computer, or a separate notebook section titled "missions" or something) that kept these records.

Related to this, it would also be nice to see the amount of goods that a group can transport before the mission - since after the mission we're told their "capacity" in number of units, so obviously it's a known quantity. This isn't essential but it would be nice - but the above-mentioned mission info stored somewhere (at the least in carriage logs, even if that is disjointed somewhat) would be really good.

Mainly because I like to track how well teams/people do at scavenging and how this improves (or not) as the game goes one, but also potentially to aid planning (e.g. if we retrieved x amount of materials from a certain location type, then we can possibly expect similar hauls in similar locations. Sure we can kind of figure this out easily enough - I mainly want to track the stats!).

Finally - to make this topic even longer - it would be cool to indicate exactly who was injured when a nightmare attacks a carriage. We're informed of the number of injuries, and we're informed of who was treated, but we're not informed of who was injured - which would mainly be useful in the case of people obtaining multiple and/or more severe afflictions in further attacks.

By the way - am loving this game at the moment. Feels like a natural progression - taking all the best bits of Zafehouse Diaries and Deadnaughts in my view. Strange that I didn't hear about it until recently...
Post edited January 26, 2016 by squid830
Sometimes when the attacks happen, it has this message that defenses were affected by Rewind even though the attack was from a different nightmare.