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What the title says, basically.

Does anyone else still have this happen with the latest patch? If anything I'm getting it more frequently now and it's really starting to $*#? me off since lately I've had it happen on the same day the train arrives (so I can't scavenge since I have no lottery winners).

Luckily the game auto-saves at the lottery phase anyway, but it's damn annoying having to force-exit the game (since if I choose "abandon" it would wipe my save) and then waiting forever to start the thing up again.

Which reminds me - kind of related - this game really needs some kind of proper "progress bar" when initially loading a new or saved game. In my case, it tends to fill those symbols down the bottom really quickly, but then I'm staring at a black screen for what feels like minutes - and then even after the graphics do come in, there's another minute or two of not being able to move the mouse until all the graphics sort themselves out. After that it's not too bad (even at 1920x1080, low shadows, highest quality most other options - with my ancient PC).