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Hello all.

I downloaded and successfully installed (according to the the game FAR: Lone Sails (package: far__lone_sails_enUS_1_05_20966.pkg) before noticing a discrepancy in system specs between my computer and the game requirements.

I have a lower OS than the game needs. I use OSX 10.9.5 and the game's minimum needs demand 10.12 or more.

So I went looking for the game I had installed in the default location (my computer's local HD and the Applications folder) to check if it indeed could not be run (I have sometimes ran games that need a newer OS successfully) and if not then delete it. But the game is nowhere to be found.

I searched for it as thoroughly as I could, so imagining that maybe I had installed it by mistake in some bizarre place (like one of my external hardrives) without noticing, I tried re-installing again to check more carefully the location the had prompted me.
It showed the Applications folder as I had thought.
I tried re-installing to see what happened (maybe I would get a warning that such an application was already installed). The installer did its thing and once more installed successfully.
Yet the game is still at large.

So I'm at a loss and with an obvious problem: How can I uninstall the game if I can't find it.

Could it be the application has not been installed and the installer has been mistakenly saying it has?

Any ideas on how to assert what took place (including using the terminal to find out) would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.
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If anyone has trouble with the installer NOT installing the game eventhough it says it did, this is what you should do to unpack the .pkg file and run the game yourselves:

1. Open Terminal and write:

xar -xf <package_path>
cd package.pkg
tar -xvf Scripts

The <package_path> is the location in your computer where you currently have the .pkg file of the game you want to install.

2. Press Enter and let Terminal do its thing ( it could take a while to even start doing anything, so be patient ).
3. Look for a newly creted .pkg file inside your User accounts. It will be called package.pkg
4. Right-click the package.pkg file and select Show Package Contents.
5. Search around for a folder named payload.
6. Copy or move that folder to any location you like in your computer ( Applications or elsewhere ).
7. Rename the folder payload to whatever you like adding the extension .app ( E.G. ).
8. That's the game, so double-click that file to start.

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