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After two and a half years I started Fantasy Wars again and was badly surprised. No profile was loaded.

When looking for the reason I found a new profile folder was created in the user folder C:\Users\YourName\My Files\Fantasy Wars\Profiles\Profile.01. But the original profile folder with my savegames is located within the game installation directory (smth. like C:\GOGames\Fantasy Wars).

Unfortunately it did not help to simply copy the profile folder to the new location and rename the old 'Saves' folder to 'Saves.kv'. The old savegames are not recognized any more.

I've spend a lot of time in these scenarios and want to continue and not at all to repeat the missions which I've already played and won with gold victory and zero casualties.

Also I experienced the problem described in the post of Zaragon. The descriptive texts from the options screen are missing when in English. When switching to German these texts are displayed.
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