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I'm loving this game! Such a gem. I have some questions I couldn't find answers to in the manual:

1) Do rough terrain types affect your damage when attacking?

I know Light Infantry and Skirmishers get bonus damage when standing on rough terrain, but for example if your archers attack an enemy unit that is in a Forest tile, do they do less damage compared to if the enemy were on an open field?

2) Where can I find information if the unit is in a Closed or Open formation? I see formations mentioned in the manual but didn't see where I can check that information in the game.

3) Do units get any sort of defense bonus if they are in castles, towns, keeps etc?
Post edited September 21, 2019 by brodosam
1) There is a whooooole page of game tips in the manual. You will like having read those -:)
imo, archers are never affected by terrain, but skirmishers get a bonus on rough. Cavalry get malus i believe although it is said ambigously in the manual.

2) Unit tables in the appendix

3) I think so. Cant flee anyway.