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Changelog for Update v01.00.07250 (added 13 September 2019):

New Skirmish Map
- Added new skirmish maps: Battle Lines and Coastal Defense

The Gap adaptations
- Replaced Longbowmen in "The Gap" (as Clan Machnar does not have them) and made sure there isn't too much Artillery. Now is your chance to take the Wall!

Lizard Tweaks
- Lizard Hunters aren't retreating anymore and Newt chance of retreat is reduced. Should lead to a less annoying Sunken Lands. Get them lizards!

Berserker Balancing
- Berserkers, Cleavers and Ulnar have more health; Berserkers and Cleavers are 'Fueled by Rage' (immune to kills) increasing survivability. ROOAR!

Loot Rebalancing
- Reduced randomness of loot locations, there is now a clear flavour to every location and more and different volunteers from camps if there are open slots in your army.

- We now grant and display mission rewards for some maps in the Battle Outcome screen. On Easy and Normal difficulty you also get a part of the gear of lost units refunded, making up for your losses.

After the Clanmeet
- The decision you make after the Clanmeet now has a visible impact during your Borderlands part of the campaign (You need to replay that map for the bonus to take effect)

Thunderer buff
- Thunderers now have a missile range of 3. Stones away!

Enemy XP Progression
- XP progression does no longer scale with Player Army. You can now be better (but also worse) than the AI and paying for keeping XP is more useful. (Difficulty Setting still impacts XP progression)

- Ambushers remain on their hex after ambushing and killing a unit. Discuss!

- "Fixed bug where summoned units would sometimes have skills they shouldn't have (e.g. raiding)
- Fixed bug where petrified units could still use free actions"

AI bugfix
- Fixed a bug where the AI would not correctly evaluate the last seen enemy position and run off into the woods; will now follow/investigate hostile sightings correctly.

UI bugfix
- Fixed icon and tooltip bugs in the display of artefact effects in the detailed combat previsualization.

UI loading
- Added a loading indicator to campaign menu in case it takes some time to load all available campaigns.
- Fixed an isssue causing savegames to not load correctly after a unit with a skill on cooldown dies.

Map Bugfix
- Fixed bug where game is stuck in map "Clanmeet" when a temporary unit moves into the lake. Thanks to our players for spotting it!

Controls Bugfix
- When cycling through units the camera now moves to the selected unit on the screen.

Load game UI
- Allows double click to load a savegame.

Mirror Image Bugfix
- Clones do not grant 3 Mana on death anymore and it doesn't allow to duplicate an artefact. Thanks for making us aware!

Heroes leaving Bugfix
- Fixed the two game stoppers in the Empire, when Ulnar or Dolos would leave. Thanks to our players for finding that bug.

Disease spreading Bugfix
- Fixed a bug where spreaded Disease would immediately spread again, and again. Healthy!

- Added more unit sounds.

Move below flying units possible!
- Implemented a key binding ("Movement Skill") to select the movement directly allowing you to move ranged units below flying units or flying units above enemy units without auto-attacking them. Existing Users need to bind the button themselves!!! New users can just use the default "M" key.

Fix Corrupted Savegame display
- Improved handling of corrupted savegames ("Empty Savegame List"). It will now allow you to try to load it and display all non corrupted savegames correctly.

- Fixed various localization bugs.

- Fixed various visual effects.

Standalone installer updated (01.00.07074 ⇒ 01.00.07250): 19 September 2019.
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Changelog for Update v01.00.07404 (01 October 2019/ added 13 November 2019):

This is another big one: It comes with the shiny new Content Editor, a tool which allows players to craft their own custom maps and scenarios. With it you are able to fashion your own maps and sculpting your own geography, quest locations, rewards, enemy spawns, win or loose conditions and even proper quests! Those maps can used by other players to be played in Skirmish mode including texts and quest triggers you set up to create your own story.

It is a very flexible tool, and easy to use. If you’d like to learn more about it and its functionalities, you can download and read its manual from here.

The update also comes with a number of fixes and balancing changes. You can find the full changelog below. Speaking of balance, we introduced a number of Analytics which will help us analyze gaming stats during the single player campaign. They are absolutely anonymous and only relate to gameplay behaviour, and will help us with fine-tuning balance in the months to come.

We are eager to hear what you think about this update, and we can’t wait to see the first player-made scenarios coming out! That’s not all, of course. We have big plans for Fantasy General II, and as you know we are working on expanding the game. Good things come to those who wait…

Patch 2 Changelog (v01.00.07404)
- Analytics - Implemented gathering of stats for campaign difficulty balancing. All stats are anonymous and game - specific only. This will help us determine the avg for non - scaling AI enemies in maps. Once we have the base numbers we will then do a beta test to test the resulting difficulty.
- Dialogues - Various dialogue fixes and rebalancing (Iseal decision are less punishing and/or more beneficial, Centaurs and Marcra can now be properly used)
- Mercenary Tutorial - Added to map 4 (Under Attack) and gave extra gold to hire
- Aura and Resistance bugfix - Resistances > 100% do not heal the target anymore; fixed a bug where non - stackable auras would still stack in damage calculation.
- Difficulty Tutorial - Tutorial added to explain difficulty change during campaign.
- Challenge Difficulty - Added new difficulty replacing normal, normal and easy are now easier; players who were on normal are now playing challenge, Easy is the new normal.
- Supply Skill and scaling - Removed Extra Supply through skill trees from adding to AI scaling if they are actually used by the army (so +2 supply but only using 8/10 supply does not reduce the enemy numbers)
- Sunken Lands - Into the Sunken Lands is less swampy and easier to navigate.
- Unit Cycle - Cycling units ignores and skips petrified units
- Easy Difficulty Buff - The new Easy difficulty provides a damage resistance teambuff to all player units. Making it even easier!
- Dragon Breath / Charge Through - Fixed an issue that caused the game to get stuck if the skill was used
- Bugfix - Fixed an issue that would cause the game to get stuck when stag riders tries to return to his original position after dying during the attack.
- UI - Various changes trying to reduce Chinese font memory usage
- Bugfix - fixed hiring Centaur Mercenaries in camp in Porikos
- Bugfix - fixed that units that are not part of your army provided you with scavenge/gold resources at end of the map
- Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused artefacts to disappear while mirror image was active
- Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused the game to get stuck if a charm runs out after you opened the inventory.
- Bugfix - Fixed an issue that caused Blood Oak Bows to increase its stats while playing
- Bugfix - Certain story locations were permanently displayed as "unexplored" and will now properly display.

Standalone installer updated (01.00.07250 ⇒ 01.00.07404): 02 October 2019.

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Changelog for Update v01.00.07687 (added 13 November 2019):

- Command Speed - You can now configure how fast actions are displayed (between 100% and 400%).
- Visuals - Improved empire theme terrain visuals.
- Pathfinder Aura fix - Pathfinder aura always works for ground units.
- Mirror Image Bug Fix - Mirror Image doesn't fail or win a map instantly anymore in certain scenario.
- Game doesn't continue bug - Fixing a bug that caused the game to not continue after winning a scenario.
- Bay of Kyrios fix - Fixed a bug where the option to make Marcra join was always disabled in Bay of Kyrios.
- Berserker Balancing - Berserkers and Cleavers have less HP and less Morale, Werebears are Flesheaters (heal through killing units).
- Tracker Balancing - Buffed Trackers by making them Mountaineers (can move across mountains) and granting Harass Skill.
- Pegasi Balancing - Unmounted Pegasi cannot capture locations (in preparation for the first DLC).
- Sunken Lands - First few missions are less swampy and separated swamp into smaller bodies of water; water boots drop rate increased while in sunken lands.
- Lizards Balancing - Lizard Hunters and Witch Doctors have Speed 3 instead of 4; Petrify has a range of 3 (instead of 5).
- Tag Bugfix - Fixed a bug where summoned/hired units would receive AI tags if summoned/hired on top of an AI zone, leading to behavior like losing a map or not being able to complete a map when that unit died/didn't die.
- AI Scaling can be disabled - Thanks to the data we collected from you, we now added a fixed progression for both campaigns. The AI scaling can be disabled when starting a new campaign or during a campaign via the gameplay settings (same as you can change the difficulty).
- AI tweaking - AI ranged units prioritize weak fliers less ferociously.
- Hide Army Bar - The army bar can now be hidden. see button to the lower left of your units.
- Death Bugs - Fixed various bugs occuring if a unit dies during an attack.
- UI - Various UI fixes.
- Localization - Various localization fixes.
- Fixed bug with waypoints - Waypoints can't be used anymore to move over spiderwebs-
- Visuals - Fixed various unit visual bugs.
- Visuals - Fixed various VFX bugs.
- Visuals - Changed entangled visual effect in preparation for similar effects to come.
- Fixed bug in summon skill - AI summon in fog of war isn't visible anymore if summoner is visible to player.
- Gameplay - Fixed faulty range display and valid/invalid target markers for skills (i.e. Chain Lightning will now display the correct target range as soon as you select the first target).
- Medred's Knives do not cost supply - This unit does not cost supply when joining your army.
- Mana Regeneration Artefact reduced - This item now provides only 1 mana per kill.

Standalone installer updated (01.00.07404 ⇒ 01.00.07687): 14 November 2019.
Are you planning to add a random map generator down the road in the upcoming DLC in the map editor for us to make maps faster, instead making one from scratch?

Also, in the random map generator you include now, will iit be possible to make your own customized army from the pool of units the game offers? (Warlords III DLR has this feature. Now on GOG. one of the greatest fantasy TBS to date.)
Thank you
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Changelog for Update 01.00.08277 (17 December 2019):

- Christmas Event - Christmas is in danger! Only you can save it... look for a sign appearing around Christmas time!
- New Gameplay Mode - Iron Maiden. You only have one savegame and no chance to take things back and losing a map means you lose the game - finish the campaign or die trying!
- Large Creatures cannot be entangled - Large creatures cannot be entangled by spider webs
- Lances break charges - All lances and spears now break charge
- Multiplayer - Fixed various issues with multiplayer desynchronisations
- Multiplayer - Fixed an issue that caused a multiplayer game to not continue after deployment
- Menu - New Menu for selecting which campaign you want to play
- Performance Improved - Improved performance throughout the game
- UI - Various UI improvements and bug fixes
- Camera - Camera now moves faster the more you are zoomed out
- Frenzy Bugfix - Fixed a bug where frenzy status effects would behave weirdly when loading a game (or playing multiplayer)

Standalone installer updated (01.00.07687 ⇒ 01.00.08277): 18 December 2019.
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Changelog for Update 5 (15 January 2020):

- Fixed issues with "Living off the Land" not correctly influencing supply; will not affect existing games/issues.
- Fixed a bug that caused the game to disable all mouse input on certain pc configurations.
- Fixed an issue that allowed you to save during deployment in ironmaiden mode that caused the savegame to get corrupted.
- Fixed an issue where certain pc configurations would cause settings to not be saved and display wrong values in the options menu.

Standalone installer updated: 01.00.08277 ⇒ 01.00.08390.
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Changelog for Update 6 (11 February 2020):

The sequel to the strategy classic from the 90s, Fantasy General II, is now fully available in Russian, as part of our latest free update.

Take command of the barbarian hordes of Falirson as he strikes against the mighty Empire. Set 300 years after the original game, in Fantasy General II a new generation of heroes will clash on the battlefield and decide the fate of the world of Aer.

Standalone installer updated (01.00.08277 ⇒ 01.00.08390): 14 February 2020.
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Changelog for Update 8 (27 March 2020/ added 31 March 2020):

- Artefacts - Fixed an issue where savegames would become corrupted if you sacrifice an item in transition to e.g. a Blood Oak. Affected savegames should now be working again.
- Bugfix - Fixed graphic bug if shadows were set to 'No Shadows'
- Localization - Fixed a bug where the name of The Barrens wasn't localized.
- Input - Fixed an issue where no mouse input would be recognized when playing a map.
- Triggers - Fixed an issue where dialogues would be triggered during loading a savegame resulting in the game stalling.
- Invasion - Fixed an issue that caused "Eagle’s Eyrie" to not show up in a pre-Onslaught savegame until you saved and loaded the game or exited the next mission
- Minimap - Fixed incorrect camera position after clicking on minimap on non-1080p resolutions
- Settings - Fixed an issue where "Command Speed" in options wouldn't reflect the actual value set.
- Main Menu - Fixed an issue where the wrong campaign was visually selected after entering and exiting the campaign selection menu multiple times.
- Bugfix - Summon Sentinel promotion is now correctly shown when Ailsa learns it.
- UI - Fixed the Campaign Score Screen to display all text correctly when language is set to Russian or Chinese.
- Scoring - Fixed a bug where not all results from the last campaign mission where added to the total score.
- Dialogues - Fixed incorrect dialogues in "Return of the Summer King".
- Bugfix - Fixed graphical glitch while a quest marker was active in Sunkenlands.
- Achievements - Achievements for choosing different paths through the Onslaught campaign now require Iron Maiden mode like the rest.
- Invasion - Fixed an issue where Tir would die to enemies or neutrals in "Into the Trollwoods" before you could get to her. This will automatically restart this mission if you haven't met Tir yet.

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated (01.01.09428 ⇒ 01.01.09585): 31 March 2020.
HypersomniacLive: Changelog for Update 8 (27 March 2020/ added 31 March 2020):

// ... snip
Does 01.01.09585 include the hot fix (available on Steam) for the game breaking bug in "There and Back again" or not?
Post edited April 06, 2020 by chriseagleston
chriseagleston: Does 01.01.09585 include the hot fix (available on Steam) for the game breaking bug in "There and Back again" or not?
Sorry, I'm not affiliated with the devs/pub, just a regular user posting changelogs as they become available here on GOG. This means I have no insight to if the latest version fixes said bug. Hopefully the devs will provide a definitive answer.

Stay safe.
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HypersomniacLive: Changelog for Update 8 (27 March 2020/ added 31 March 2020):

// ... snip
chriseagleston: Does 01.01.09585 include the hot fix (available on Steam) for the game breaking bug in "There and Back again" or not?
The version for the hotfix would be 01.01.09586
Changelog for Update 10 (02 July 2020 / added 07 July 2020):

- NEW Content - The short Onslaught campaign "The Curse" is now available for everyone to try!
- NEW Onslaught Hero - The Empire hero Filos joins your selection for Onslaught starting heroes.

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated (01.02.10691 ⇒ 01.02.10803): 07 July 2020.
Changelog for Update 1.02.11096 (30 July 2020):

- Mechanics: Routed units lose their ability to Break Charge, unless the terrain or artefact they're on has the ability to do so
- Vendors: Onslaught: All Onslaught heroes now have the Artefact Transmuter available in their inventory to dismantle unneeded artefacts.
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue causing crashes on some computers
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue that prevented the Invasion campaign outro video from playing correctly after finishing the last map
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the Unit Display would show the incorrect amount of health and xp after upgrading a unit
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue where you could train units that already had the selected promotion
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue where autosaves could overwrite Iron Maiden savegames
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the AI wouldn't respawn if there were no enemies left that could capture locations
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue that caused Taurus Catapults and Hellhounds to activate their "on death" explode after upgrading them
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the lizard faction in the invasion campaign would be named Hrazzkar's Tribe
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue where the game would render random patterns when restarting a mission
- Bugfix: Fixed Tooltip for Summon Hunting Pack promotion
- Bugfix: Fixed Tooltip for Water Walk promotion
- Bugfix: Fixed several issues with Life Bond, like unlimited Range and the possibility to accumulate 100% damage reduction (it now actually reduces transmitted damage by 50% instead of granting the target 50% DR)
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue where an enemy Winged Maiden caused problems when using Winged Leap from a location not visible to the player
- Bugfix: Fixed that several stats could fall below 0
- Bugfix: Restore Unit Skill only works with locations you actually own
- Bugfix: Charging Boots now allow charging into Wall hexes as well
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue causing the wrong actor to appear in a dialogue in there and back again
- Bugfix: Fixed tooltips for Clan Donagh not spoiling the ending of invasion in Tale of Falir
- Bugfix: Fixed an issue with breakthrough like skills that caused incorrect unit positions.

Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated (01.02.10803 ⇒ 01.02.11096): 31 July 2020.