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First: the downloaded installer does not have the .exe extension (Actually, I've noticed that the .exe extension is missing on every one of my 105 games in my library) so I added it to the file. Now, at least, it executes properly.

Second: now, it tells me that it cannot find the bin files and pops up a window giving me the path where it expects to find them, which is exactly the folder where I saved both the installer file and the bin files when I downloaded them.

Anyone else have an issue like this trying to install the game??

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I opened a support ticket about this issue In my library, and I was informed by Dr Cat of support that some users have this issue; instead of .exe, on display or save browser adds either [1] or shows no extension. The fix is to remove [1] from the end of installer file name (if present) and add .exe Installer works fine after that.

I've since discovered it relates directly, in my case, with Internet Explorer browser (ver 11 on Win 8.1). I tried the download using Google Chrome(ugh!) and the file is saved with correct extension.

Good luck....
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