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Hi there, I don't know if someone else has asked this before (making a search gave me no related results). Does anyone here know if it's possible to make a "portable fallout (1 and 2)" with my GOG copy. Is there some hack or mod? Does anyone here know something about this?
making a portable version of a game is a lot more complex than something like chrome or some random app.
at least that's how i see it.
Probably you're right, but I have the feeling that I've heard about a portable version of Fallout before. That's why I'm asking if it's possible with a GOG copy.
There is Pocket Fallout but that's practically different game. I've not heard about project making fallout portable.
You could try out if you can either just copy the fallout directory over to portable drive/usb stick and run it or installing it on one. 2 things may cause problems : 1 wether or not game puts anything in windows registry durring instalation and 2. does it save games in game folder or elsewhere (like my files folder).
There may be problems with configuration files if they specify where some files are (datadirectory=driveletter:\gamedirectory\data etc.)because portable drive/usb stick may not get the same drive letter on different computer.
Edit just to make sure: are you asking:
1. way to carry and play fallouts from portable drive
2. way to port and run games on other platforms than windows PC
3. porting fallout 1 to fallout 2 engine
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Actually, there is a way of doing it. I can post the site, but, apart from the legal way, also has the torrents for the games, so, I don't think it's a good idea to put the link here.
If you search the net, I'm sure you will find it.
I suppose that if there isn't any problem, I can post a direct link to the legal way of doing it.
Thanks everybody for the answers, I'll check your sugestions. Other solution is to make a virtual pc image with the game installed, but I think that this would be too much.
And the Virtual PC installation would leave an entry on the registry, a thing that supposedly, the portable fallout installation doesn't does.
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