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If you wish to "role-play" your character, you may want to give your character a Native American name, (as the three pre-made player characters and most other NPCs in your village have Native American names.) Here is a link to a English-Klamath dictionary in PDF format:

Dictionary of the Klamath Language

Here is a link to a short lists of common Klamath words:

Klamath vocabulary
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Actually, you begin your adventure in the village of Arroyo, and they're not actually Native Americans by the lore of the game- it's a tribe founded by the Vault Dweller from Fallout 1 that (unexplainedly) rapidly socially degenerated.
Klamath is just a nearby town (and in most games, the first stop after leaving Arroyo) populated by wastelanders, based on Klamath Falls, Oregon.
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