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high rated
So I had just killed Salvator for Mr. Mordino and he wanted me to be part of his "family".
I refused so he gets all pissed off, so I quickly kill him off and make a run for it. I manage to make it down to the ground floor but then the bartender and everyone else gets mad, so I use all my action points every turn making a mad dash for the front entrance.
Now those familiar with this city know that there is this pimp who's almost always hanging out next to the lamp post in front of Mordino's club. I make it just past the pimp. One of Morino's thugs shoots, misses me, and hits the pimp.
Now this next part is where things start going crazy. Because one of Mordino's thugs shot the pimp, every prostitute on the block is now pissed off, and there are a LOT of prostitutes in the area! They all get out knives, get high on jet, and start rushing the front entrance of the club! At least a dozen were converging on the front entrance within two or three turns due to all the extra action points from the jet!
I am not making this up, you can probably try it yourself as I have been able to repeat this result after reloading a previous save.
Anyway, I left the rest of my party (Vic, Cassidy, and Sulik) in the middle of the street next to the parking lot south of the club. I come running in that direction with the bartender and Lil' Jesus behind me. The rest of Mordino's men were still busy splattering prostitute gore all over the intersection in front of the club. Due to the sheer number of individuals now involved in combat the turns were taking a really long time, so I had lots of time to think. I set down an explosive charge for 10 seconds it blew just when Lil' Jesus and the bartender were running over it, killing them both.
Unfortunately the battle of Mordino's thugs vs. the prostitutes was edging closer and it was attracting more prostitutes and pimps as it was making its way down the street towards me and the rest of my party (and unfortunately because more people were entering the fight, the turns were taking longer and longer).
One of the prostitutes nearby draws out a knife and moves to get into the action, but then Cassidy blows away the left side of her torso with his hunting rifle. I'm not sure why he did that since the prostitutes were only hostile to Mordino's men and not me, maybe Cassidy has had bad experiences with women and knives or something. Sulik runs into a nearby building and doesn't do anything for the rest of the fight (no idea what happened there). Vic must have seen Cassidy blow away the prostitute and thought "hey that looks fun" and starts sniping random prostitutes as well.
At this point turns were taking forever because of the number of people in the fight. I'm laughing too hard to think straight anyway so I just stand there and let a couple turns go by watching the gore spewing mass gangsters and prostitutes make its way down the street towards us while Vic and Cassidy were using any random stray prostitute that draws a knife as target practice. (during this time Sulik is still standing in the corner of a nearby building for reasons I still can't figure out).
After a couple turns I run up and set an explosive charge for 10 seconds and use the next turn to run back. The crowd wanders over it and gets blown to gory bits. Only one prostitute remained alive, who on the very next turn was prompty gunned down by Vic and Cassidy enjoying their newfound form of post-nuclear redneck entertainment.
And that my friends is why we love Fallout 2.
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haha great read man.
haha yeah I had something fairly similar, a stray shot in an innocent bar gunfight (triggered by what I thought was an innocuous comment) happens to hit and decapitate a hooker and then the whole town erupts into a pitched battle from which there were almost no survivors.
Top fun
haha I just fell of my chair
Gotta try this out when I'm in New Reno
Amazing story. You should make this your review for Fallout 2 because after reading it no sane gamer would pass up the chance to play this game.
Thanks, that story made my day.
Hahaha things like this are why Fallout 2 is worth playing through more than once. Great read man, I can only imagine! :D