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Never played the first Fallout before so I decided to give it a go, and I recruited Ian and traded some stuff to him cause I couldn't hold it all myself. But when I try to get it back he just says "No, you offer is not good enough."! O.o what the heck?

Also, how do I get Tandi to follow me? I mean I've already busted her out of the raider camp by killing everyone there, but she still just whines that her Father won't let her go and yada yada.

Thanks for any help!
This question / problem has been solved by greyhuntrimage
In order to get your items back you just steal them. It is an automatic success with no consequences when you steal from companions. In order to get Tandy in your party you just don't return her to her father. She will continue to follow you and fight, but I don't think you can engage her in conversation or manipulate her inventory.
Thanks a lot!