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Stability issues:

So for many (Windows 10 users?) just getting the game running is a problem. Reddit might be a good place to search?

Also the new official Bethesda trouble shooting forum for PC users:

I use Windows 7 myself, so have no issue running the GOG version (or previous DVD versions, once i removed the GFWL part).

General info/wiki:

General BEST sources for modding Fallout 3:

Official Bethesda forums:

Reddit Modding Guide:

Nexus Fallout 3 mod downloads:

Dan's youtube guide (start here):

Gopher's youtube guide:


I've been running a nicely modded build for years, and was able to transfer that all over to a new PC and using the GOG version, with little problem. Such a great game for such an interesting time! Good luck and i hope the links and sources help a bunch of you get the game running and modded nice :)
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And here are some good Fallout 3 'let's plays' i've either watched before or am currently enjoying:

Zemalf's great series from years back (128 videos!):

SorcererDave's series starts here (22 video's):

TheMighty T recent series (on going, 14 vids so far) - you need to be 18 and logged in to watch this one!

Just some cool Fallout 3 time to enjoy during lockdown.

Edit: they are all running heavily modded builds, so that was why i decided to link them in this thread, so people can see what modded Fallout 3 can be like etc.
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A couple more useful links (we LOST so much when Bethesda shut down the old official forums ):

A map with points of interest:

Fallout 3 portal (wiki) with quick links to quests/info etc:


Fallout 3 Gamefaqs/Walkthroughs:

Nexus Fallout 3 Forums:,281
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Lol, ok so i started watching that MightyT guy playing FO3 again, and he is slow BUT it is kind of detailed and interesting to see the mod build at work and since he re-uploaded them all for 1440p the graphical quality is decent now.

I guess i had plenty of time during the lockdown part of the pandemic so i found time to catch up and see all +80 of the videos now, and he is just STARTING to consider going to GNR to follow the main quest line! His mod build is quite insane and i think i'l give it a go too at some point :)