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Originally, when I heard about this game, I began salivating heavily. Just imagine! A new Fallout game! Then I read about it, and began to get a little worried, and then I played it.
I played it for about five minutes, the first time.
Wearing a look of disgust upon my face, I slammed down on my ALT-F4, and took a walk. This is not the Fallout I remember. Where is the turn-based fun? ( Yes, I realize that FO:T has a turn-based option, but compare it to FO1/2 and it still doesn't hold up ). Why isn't charisma that important? Where is the dialogue?
To be honest, it took me awhile before I tried it again. It was not a Fallout game, just a product of the franchise. I was expecting a sequel, and went into the game with such thoughts. That is why I didn't like it. Upon replaying it, I nodded, thinking, "This is good. Not great, but good."
And it is good. I just wish they worked it to be pure turn-based, because that's what Fallout was to me, is to me. But I'm growing older, and games are always changing. I guess I'm just behind the times, looking back into the "good old days."
4/5 Stars. It's good enough to deserve that.