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I just downloaded Fallout 3, and changed a few things to run properly on W10. I'm kind of new to the PC thing and I know that's already a well discussed topic. I played through the intro until I exited the vault and the game ran perfect! Anyway, I just downloaded and installed FOSE. After downloading, I can't even get to the main menu screen to load my save before the game crashes. I'm 90% certain I installed it properly. The only thing I can think of that I made a mistake with was instead of right click/ foseloader.exe/ desktop shortcut, I did right click/ foseloader.exe/ create shortcut. I'm not really sure if that would affect anything or not? I went back and created the shortcut the right way but I can't see how that would have harmed any of the essential files. Should I uninstall, and reinstall the game, then try to setup FOSE again?
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I'm Curious what are you using FOSE for, it's an application for Modders, and from the sound of it, you are just playing vanilla. If i were you, I would just delete the files you put in the fallout 3 gog directory, and play without it. I wouldn't go about unistalling the whole game, it isn't nessecary. Hope this was helpful.

Edit: Also did you install the beta fose on or did you install the stable build, it might be crashing if you are using the beta build.
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I was gonna do a MOSTLY vanilla playthrough but I wanted to try downloading a few weapons packs and a few graphics mods. I just did 3 playthroughs of NV and experimented with a few mods. I definitely didn't have near as much trouble with it as I am with F3. I'm not entirely sure which version I downloaded. I've been following Gopher's modding videos. None of the information or links he's shared have ever steered me wrong but who knows, could've been an outdated version. Thanks for the reply!