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Howdy. I'm wondering if GFWL is disabled by GOG, or do I need to install the mod that disables it?
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Of course it has been disabled.
You don't need to do anything but actually it's still sort-of there and there's still a LIVE button, but seemingly has been hobbled rather than disabled. When you fire up Fallout 3 it still flashes up something about looking for downloaded content availability, but then immediately satisfies itself. So I'm guessing it fires up but gets interrupted or a subroutine added that immediately sends it to the closure/satisfied point. Maybe for most of you, your machines are so fast that this initial loading stage is hard to see, but on my old creaking rig I see it for less than a quarter of a second. My Fallout NV from GOG flashes something similar, presumably a hobbled Steam stage. And no, I've never had Steam or GFWL, so they aren't somehow trying to separately interfere with my GOG games when I load them. Anyway, you don't need to do anything.
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