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Has anyone installed the fallup 1.3 patch to fallout1?
Do you mean successfully?

I installed the 1.3.5 patch. Running the game on Win7 64 bit. (as Admin and Compatibility XP service pack 3)

Thus far it appears to run without issues, though I haven’t extensively tested the game.
As always, read through the instructions carefully, (at least glance through :P) first, then proceed. It helps to make a backup of the Fallout Install folder as well, in case you wish to clear the patches quickly and return to the original.

I chose to use the manual install, it isn’t complicated.

Install the 1.2w Teamx patch
Install 1.3. fallup patch

Don’t forget to add the F1child patch files, (just the files in the (Fallout\data\art\critters) folder, as they were not included in the 1.3.5 patch.)

Also, do install the High Resolution 4.02 patch, it makes a big difference and isn’t that complicated. 'tis an auto-installer that extracts all the files you will need to where-ever you tell it you installed Fallout. Then run the f1_res_Config.exe once before you start the game.

It helped to uncheck the Disable display scaling on high DPI setting too... in the (Properties, Compatibility).

My settings using the f1_res_Config.exe are 800x600, 60hrz, 32bit DX9. There is options to run the game in Windowed or Extended res, for higher resolutions too. At 800 x 600 the game looks good on a HD widescreen, the texts are large. Hope that helps.
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