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Hi everyone, my maximum carry weight is 70, and my inventory says wt: 53. which I presume is weight.

However, when I try to pick up a radscorpion tail, it says I cannot as it will exceed my carry weight.

Are tails that damn heavy, or is this some glitch? Or is 'wt' not weight?



Sorry, I see that the tail weighs 20 pounds now.
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yep, they're damn heavy, but



if you take them to the doc in shady sands and he'll turn some into anti-poison drinkage
I dont understand why you so low maximum weight.Did you take small frame trait or put very little points at strength?Don't do that.Strength is very important to lift several weapons and weight capacity.Pick gifted and fast shot,are the best always.And the one radscorpion tail weighs 20 pounds alone.Imagine when you kill several radscorpions and want to take their tales.Other items also weigh a lot ,and even more than a scorpion tail.Which fallout are you speaking of?
dennisalex: Pick gifted and fast shot,are the best always.
nah, gifted and bloody mess!
It's not helping you in the game the trait bloody mess.When you kill something you take the xp and it's items and you continue your game.You don't really have to see the worst death of your opponent.When he is dead he is dead.Fast shot in has enormous value and you must choose that.Unless of course you want to aim also your enemies in certain parts of his body.But when you hit more and later take the perk sniper you are going to see the result of bloody mess often and maybe just with one shot.And again which fallout are you playing?
it increases crit hit chance, crit hits are the best

and it's fun to see all the bloody deaths all of the time
Fast shot makes the game and the fights easier without cheating.Bloody mess is just visual and don't help its a waste of a trait.Yes it may spectacular but if you want to play seriously fast shot is the choice and with bonus rate of fire the game is better and a little easier.Sniper perk can give the effect of bloody mess or guns with great power against weak or nearly dying enemies give the same effect.Especially in Fallout 2 sniper and better criticals can blow a person chest with just on bullet of a good gun.Will you tell me which Fallout are you playing?
The game is easy enough without fast shot perk. Sure, fast shot is great, it feels great being able to shoot 6 times in a single turn. But it also makes the combat less interesting as you lose some of the tactical options of having aimed shots.

And I agree that seeing the bloody cartoonish death animations in Fallout is very satisfying.
Bloody Mess does not increase crit chances.
It only affects death animations and affects the ending of Fallout 1 by making it more gruesome.