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Ive pretty much given up hope on yt tutorials and such, so im coming here for the first time to see if anyone can help me. Here's my issue: Fallout New Vegas is practically unplayable. When I load up the game my frame rate decides to run away from home like an angsty teenager. When I first opened it up (Im using the GOG Version, btw) the game ran at 30 fps, pretty sucky but nothing i couldnt handle. I figured the game was just needing some time to load evrything properly. When I left the Doc's house it dropped to 20 then it would fluxuate between 20 and 30. Then it the teens. Now Im stuck with my frames fluxuating between 20Fps and 3 Fps. Idek how it hasnt crashed yet. The game is practically unplayable as it stays at around 10 to 6 fps in interiors and 20 to 3fps on exteriors. Does anyone know a way to fix this? (Yes I have tried FNSE and no dice, unless I just didnt install it right.)