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Hi im not that savvy on these types of things but having downloaded
new vegas exe and having no choice but to download 2 bin files
i kinda thought i would find a bin folder in programs /gog/new vegas
but sadly not so, can anyone help me to know where im supposed
to place them as it seems it wont work without them or so im told
by gog ; any help would be appreciated by me and if gog states
other files are a must have item then it might help if at the very
least to provide a readme with clear instructions short of forcing
buyers to install with gog galaxy that is.

Your help with this mystery would be extremely valued
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Are you downloading files directly from GOG website?
If so, you should find everything in your download folder.
Place the bin files and the exe in the same folder, and then run the exe; the game's data are stored in the bins, the exe is just an installer that extracts the data.

If you're using the galaxy client, hitting the install button should be enough.