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Oghamis98: Team X patch 1.2 isn't available anymore! I just get a 404 error when I click the link! Help, please!
Schwertz: Which link exactly do you try to use? Anonfiles has some problems now but original TeamX site works just fine.
The link that I clicked lead to a page on No mutants allowed website
Oghamis98: The link that I clicked lead to a page on No mutants allowed website
NMA had revamped their site and froum few years ago. So some old links from this topic are literally point to nowhere now.

If you really need specifically patches and mods from TeamX, get those from thier site archive. It's still online and functional. Google translation from Russian to English is rather adequate too.
But if you are a novice player who deals with FO1 for the first time it would be equally correct to recommend Fixit with 'Purist' installtion mode for the first run.
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Is there a Fallout 1 autosave mod, please?
hi ive just downloaded fallout 1 and have also downloaded the fixt patch. im running windows 10. everytime i try the game without mod, i get 4 small screens with only 1 with the buttons to click to play the game. howvever if i run the fixt app i only get the top left quadrant of the screen, so i cant play.

any ideas?
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