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does lighting affect npcs or just the player and if it does affect the npcs will the night vision perks reduction to overall darkness level apply to them as well?
Post edited September 27, 2017 by rushmutt
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Darkness makes enemies harder to hit, so I'd advice you to avoid random encounters against large groups, if it's night time.

The night vision perk is garbage frankly, I'd not waste a perk point with this if I were you. Perhaps if you couldn't manipulate time so easily in this game, it could be very handy. But it's not like you need to pay a NPC to rest on a bed, to pass the time.

If you really want NPCs to miss in combat, get the Jinxed trait. You'll not only notice more wasted turns by NPCs with bad aim, but more rare accidents, like weapons exploding in their hands.
Be careful to not lose your own weapons, if you're not playing an CQC style of character (focusing on melee, unarmed, that kind of thing), because this trait can ruin your turns, too!

If you maximize your luck, the Jinxed trait will stop exploding your weapons. So if you like playing "iron man" style, and can't savescum, it might be a good idea for your build. Losing a Gauss rifle, for example, would be maddening.