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slackerjesus: any solutions for this yet?

i just downloaded this game yesterday and its basically unplayable because of the slowness.
apparantly not yet.
fishballs: For some reason, the mouse movement is extremely slow on the Mac version of Fallout 2. Also, the game seems to run slowly on a 2.4Ghz i7 MBP.

Has anyone else encountered this as well?
Had same problem... Why they make a purchasable game that doesn't work? I want my money back.
Same for me here, I'm gonna try with sensibility mouse to its maximum as I read before but a better solution would be appreciated.
Edit: didn't make it better with mouse sensibility to its maximum and I just CAN'T send a message to the support team, because they ask me a "dxdiag" report that I can't have, using a Mac... When I tried to send my macbook report nothing happens, which starts to make me a little angry, so I'll write my situation below:

Using a MacBook Pro 13'' , 2.3 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 Go 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory.
I want to contact the technical support team cause I can't run Fallout 2 properly on it. Looks like my Mac couldn't handle the game, no screenshots can prove it to you, it's all about very long loading times and especially a huge constant lag on the mouse control that makes the game unplayable. I couldn't go much further than the first ant in the temple.

So please, G.O.G Team Support, as I'm not the first facing this akward problem, answer to us.


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I'm having the same issue with the mouse lag, only solution I came up was to get drunk, didn't really help.