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Hey everyone, I'm wondering what is going on with my Fallout 1 character. He was running as normal, but then all of a sudden he's now stuck on walk mode. I've tried adjusting the settings, my gear, but he still won't run. When I open a previous saved game the character runs as normal. Please how do i fix this bug?!
This question / problem has been solved by Drelmanesimage
Maybe you accidentally changed it.

You can run by holding down the Shift key. You can also change the default speed to "run" in the options, which will make you walk only using Shift.
check that you weren't given an item that put you over the weight carry limit?
Press "C" to see if you have a broken leg.
Says my character has a broken leg, that must be why then?
Repaired the broken leg, character's running again. Cheers for that.