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does anyone know where the gcd files are on mac? I looked for them and couldn't find them.

Mac noob, so might need a little extra explanation lol.
Karma_Police: I wonder what the differences between the dos and windows versions are?
TMWNN: The DOS version apparently does not have audio for much of the text in the game.

Also, can you install mods?
TMWNN: No. Most mods depend on DirectX.
insanitysnake: Maybe its just me but I've noticed slowdown when loading the menus. Is anyone else having this problem?
TMWNN: Fallout is among the last DOS games ever made, and among the very, very, very few to have more or less equal versions for DOS and Windows. (The Last Express, which appeared the same year, is another such example; I wouldn't be surprised to see Boxer-based Mac support from GOG in time.) 1997 was, as you can see, a transition year for the PC games industry from DOS to Windows.

What this means is that Fallout requires more CPU horsepower for Boxer/DOSbox to emulate than a game from 1985 or 1992, thus the slow menus.
Is the CPU actually a cause of bottleneck for the transition screens? I didn't get the sense that my computer was using a lot of horsepower. More than what the original game would have required, for sure, but nothing to give my fans a workout. In fact, I used activity monitor to watch CPU usage and it actually halved while in transition compared to when I just let the game sit on a menu.
Insomniaclown: I have noticed the slower menus as well, but the game runs much better than when I had it installed with crossover.
TMWNN: Same here, except with Wineskin. Wineskin (and Wine) are amazing, but for touchpad users like me many programs wrapped with Wine don't register taps as clicks properly; actually clicking the touchpad is needed. Sadly, Fallout is an example.

The GOG Boxer-based version registers taps fine (and in general handles the mouse much more smoothly), but the menus fade in and out so incredibly slowly as to be maddening. What a dilemma!
What are the details of your setup with Wineskin? With the assistance of GOG's wineskin port of Fallout 2, I changed my engine to WS8Wine1.1.44. I was having a lot of issues with fullscreen mode, when using the latest engine, before that. The cursor improved too.

I also noticed improved (though not perfect) responsiveness to my trackpad when I used the hires mod. The particulars of my config were: 8-bit colour (I had graphics corruption and slowdown issues with 32-bit colour), DirectDraw7 (I got black & white graphics with DirectX 9), 1440* 900 (native res on my laptop) and windowed mode was not enabled.