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I played it on 1.3.6, you have to elaborate.
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According to the Fallout wikia site for Mods, the latest version of Sfall for Fallolut 1 is 1.18e, so I got that. I tested it with max Charisma and complimenting the chef, and I got the correct facial reaction from Aradesh.
The last time I tried playing a game with this and waited long enough for the mutants to invade, dialogue options with the new head of the Follower's building caused the game to crash. So I'm wondering if the Restoration mod that re-enables the mutant invasions is too unstable and shouldn't be installed.

Also, will you still get the bad endings for the Hub and the Followers if you didn't fulfill the requirements to get the good ending, but the deadline to the mutant invasions hasn't passed?
Schwertz: Et Tu currently is a mess, because new controversional content being added before all the FO1 specific features are implemented. I do not recommend it for a general playing.
"new controversial content" lol, to whom? Also, all "Fo1 specific features" are implemented for at least 1 year now. There is no other "Fo1 specific feature" left to port. All that is being done now is tweaking stuff and fixing old bugs, most of which are still in vanilla Fo1 or were introduced by Fixt. Please stop talking out of your ass.

Dwayne, your "facial reaction" issue (that really meant nothing at all, as it only affected a single character), was a bug in Aradesh's dialog that has been fixed now. I would have realized that sooner if you wouldn't have acted as if ettu killed your dog.
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The last time I played Et Tu, Aradesh always gave me a dharma saying instead of telling me about other towns in the area. I had 2 Charisma seeing as how I had Gifted. When I tried speaking to him as Max Stone, who had 4 Charisma, he told me of Junktown.

I also don't like the fact that certain weapons and armor from Fallout 2 were placed in the game.

So Et Tu is out for me, being a purist. And Fixt is too buggy, even after all the fixes.
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DwayneA: The last time I played Et Tu, Aradesh always gave me a dharma saying instead of telling me about other towns in the area. I had 2 Charisma seeing as how I had Gifted. When I tried speaking to him as Max Stone, who had 4 Charisma, he told me of Junktown.
As I wrote in my post, that was a bug in the dialog of Aradesh. It didn't affect anything else in the game... If you had posted like a normal human being about it, I would have investigated sooner, found the bug, and fixed it. Instead you made uninformed and generalizing claims about the whole game.

Fun fact: Even the TeamX patches add stuff that wasn't in the vanilla game. So if you are truly a purist, you can't use anything but the official patches.
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They don't add stuff, they fix bugs. I believe you are referring to the NPC mod they made, which I'm not using.
NPC mod is something else entirely, I am not referring to it.
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Then what is added in the unofficial patches?
I have seen in the unofficial patches how Tycho often hangs back on certain maps. Also, in some locations, there is a temporary major slowdown in frame rate when I come back from Irwin's farm or when I spend a lot of time at the Deathclaw Warehouse grinding levels. I don't have these issues in the 1.3.6 pack though, even if the 1.3.6 patch has the NPC mod, which isn't very purist

Aside from changes that improve the game performance and engine, fix bugs, and cut content that blends well into the game, I don't want any other changes to the experience. So what should I get for the best game performance that is mostly purist: FIXT, Et Tu, 1.3.6, or the unofficial patches?
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I just found on the Moddb a 1.13b Update patch which includes the unofficial patches, Sfall, reverse censorship, and other fixes. I've downloaded it as it looks promising. I've also decided to get the Restored Good Endings Mod.

I still want to know if you still get the bad endings for the Hub and Followers if you didn't fulfill the requirements for the good endings, but the invasion dates haven't passed.
For some strange reason, when I beat the game with the 1.13b file, I got the Brotherhood invaded by Mutants ending. I wonder if it also adds the cut ending for Junktown being invaded since I never did return to Junktown after completing the quests there.

So I've done a fresh reinstall of the game. Can someone please tell me if the 1.3.6 patch adds the cut mutant invasion endings for the Brotherhood and Junktown?
I beat the game with 1.3.6 with the Restoration Mod installed. I changed the number of days until the mutants invaded so I could get the good endings for everything. But even though I never returned to Necropolis after fixing the waterpump and killing the mutants there, I still got the invasion ending.

I'm thinking of just playing with the unofficial patches. I also don't want to play with the NPC mod as you can't take them any farther than past the elevator on level 3 of the Military Base as they block your progress there. I also don't want to get FIXT because of it's buggy reputatation, the fact that the test files patch allows you to cheat by examining yourself can break the game. I also don't want Et Tu because it changes the feel of the game too much. Since I want to get good endings for my good characters, I'm thinking of getting the Restored Endings Mod, though I'll need to change the number of days until the mutant invasion since I like to do all quests, get all implants, and read enough books to get First Aid, Science, Repair, and Outdoorsmanship to 91%. Maybe Crafty's Sfall 1.19 too for better performance.

What do you think? What else should I get?
DwayneA: I've been playing the 1.3.6 patch, but there are a few problems I've discovered:

-If you reload an empty weapon outside of inventory, and you have both normal and AP ammo, the game chooses the AP ammo.
-There is a pause of about one second at the beginning of each round of combat after the first one.
-You can't get a positive reaction from NPC's even with very high reputation or max Charisma. Those with talking heads maintain a neutral facial expression.
I have looked into the Aradesh thing one more time and it seems that the behaviour comes from a bug fix in sfall1 1.7.20

Changelog v1.7.20
* Fixed handling of mood setting in start_gdialog function - now he is always taken into account, and also can be equal to 1, and in this case the mood of the engine is calculated using a zero-local variable from the script "talking head".

But it seems that the fix is incomplete which creates the discrepancy between the text and the talking head animation. I disabled the patch in 1.8 so the Aradesh talking head behaviour is identical to vanilla Fallout1 (which is supposedly buggy)
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Hey, DwayneA. If you're reading this, based on your comment history on both here and No Mutants Allowed, it seems you and Lexx don't get along very well at all, which's a damn shame. But, I won't get involved, just acknowledging the beef between you guys, but I'm neutral here. As for you Lexx, if you read this, I think your mod's an interesting concept, both on paper and in practice. My one gripe is that you can't do Decker's quest or you'll get the bad Hub ending in Et Tu, wheras that's not an issue in Fixt so long as you kill Decker [which you should]. Maybe someone can make a mod for Et Tu that [with your permission, assuming you won't do it, which's VERY likely I presume] tweaks that a bit so the only requirements to get the Hub good ending are that you were nice to Harold, Decker's dead [his quests can still be completed as long as he dies], and you find the missing caravan and kill the deathclaw. Any constuctive feedback'll be nice, and I'll happily do the same if you're okay with it.