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Just completed the first Fallout. I loved the game, but incredibly disappointingly the ending seemed to glitch itself to pieces. It's meant to go through various characters from the game and tell you what they did next, based on how you played the game. Well for me it quickly cycled through a load of pictures of them without a word being spoken, got the the Brotherhood guy and managed to say "The Brotherhood of St-" before cutting off, cycling through more images and then ending.

On XP, unofficial patch and graphics tweak but no resolution patch or any other mod.
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If you have a save close to the end, have you tried completeing it again incase it was a one off? I would say its worth it as the ending vids add a nice bit of closure to the game.

If not you could always find the videos on youtube and just watch whichever apply to your play through.
Yeah, I did actually re-do the final boss again and this time it was a little different but still broken. It pans across the desert like before, but there's no sound or voice (which I assume there was meant to be?) then it flicked through a bunch of images again but this time successfully played the voice-over for the Junktown and BoS endings, then skipped through more images before returning to the panning shot of the desert again.

I guess I will have to look on YouTube, but it doesn't feel as good as the game actually showing you the ones you just earned.
This thread might help you:
Hope this solves your problem.