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Stevedog13: You can get a pemanent +1 to Luck in Fallout by visiting fortune teller.
Jonesy89: Are you sure? I thought that that was in Fallout 2 for some reason.
Yep. He's in Adytum. There's even a glitch that allows you to get +2 Luck instead of +1 if you follow a particular dialog path. It's also possible to get +2 INT by abusing drugs to make yourself stupid after you've already done the normal variant surgery, which lets you do the stupid variant surgery too. (These are fixed in most of the unofficial patches, though, cause they're bugs.)
In Fallout 1, I wouldn't go higher than Charisma = 2 (which would be if you chose Gifted as one of your traits; otherwise go with 1).

In Fallout 2 however it depends. If you want to go through the game without followers (which makes the game much harder, IMO) than Charisma is basically a dump stat yet again. If you do want companions however, I'd go with Charisma 4, then get magnetic personality. This would entirely benefit a standard shooter build, since in Fallout 2, using guns never requires you to max out a single special stat to be good (except Agility, which is the most important stat in the game)
AiCola: YOu can also max out strength and your other SPECIAL (besides Luck I think) later on in the game if you have enough money.
Jonesy89: Actually, you can get all of your stats (except luck) permanently boosted by +1 this way, so avoid maxing any attribute out (with the possible exception of luck) entirely during character creation.
isn't that what I said?
You can repeat this +1 as many times as you want, if you choose gamble (as I stated before) you will have infinite money and easily be able to afford it.

PS: i got +1 luck from a random encounter in fallout 1