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Fallout 2 is an amazing experience. It had its fair share of issues, it was full of bugs, and many fans didn't like the 4th-wall breaking humour, however it grabbed my interest more than Fallout, Baldur's Gate, or even Planescape: Torment. This lies in the atmosphere. It paints a picture of a world that has fallen into decay, where the most hideous of crimes is considered little more than survival. So the question becomes not one of 'how do I save the world?', but of 'is this world even worth saving?' Small fixes and the loss of the time-limit elevate this game above its predecessor. The main quest isn't especially interesting, the usual 'blah blah blah chosen one save the world blah' we've heard repeated ad infinitum throughout RPGs returns here. Nay, the charm of Fallout comes from experiencing this post-apocolyptic wasteland. If you only ever buy one game from GOG, make it Fallout 2.