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Linked thread also says they are working on 3.0 but its not clear if this is "the major update" quoted above.

(And Stardock seems to suck at development. Cant even setup simple project dedicated machines or sth.)
Let's hope it's like GalCiv2, the fanpatch mod made official, integered in the game.
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ERISS: Let's hope it's like GalCiv2, the fanpatch mod made official, integered in the game.
Is there a 'fanpatch' type mod for FELH?

(And the link sort of implies they are working on the .exe. Though it doesnt say whether this is for the next 'major update'.)
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which is similar to my "Cant even setup simple project dedicated machines or sth."

there was a post:

Yeah it is.
Maintaining old software is the bane of every IT Department.
Running a dual boot machine for professional use is never a good thing as you cannot properly share assets.
Running two machines is slightly better but it is not worth maintaining those second machines for the minimal use they would get.
So instead you fire up a VM running your old softwware but that is a pain in itself

Then there is the difficulty in using different versions of your development tools... You make the game with the latest ABXY Version 3, then 2 years later and you are using ABXY version 5 for your new game... Version 5 doesnt necessarily function anything like version 3...

I am impressed and somewhat surprised that there is any support for a game that launched in 2012
My answer: There is a major misunderstanding here. There is no need to 'maintain' anything. Once a machine is setup (which is easy for somebody competent who already set up several machines like it which is necessary anyway for a team developed game) it stays like it is. Means no cost other than having a spot for the hardware to be placed.
And simply writing down all setup steps at the time of doing a setup will make it possible to reproduce the setup at a later stage too - in case of hardware failure. This just requires a minimum of discipline on part of the IT.
4 days ago: "We are working on a fairly big update to Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes. But no ETA yet."

I hope their 'big update' won't break FELH WinXP compatibility: I just rolled back to it recently, tired of pointless modern games and of compatibility issues with the real good and old games on ignominious Win7.
I believe it when I see it and if they do deliver, let's just hope they don't botch it like they did with 2.0.
Stardock sort of says there will be a 2.41 "in the next couple weeks" (minus 1 week):

(No idea if/when on GOG though.)
Steam has a 2.5 (beta?) version now:

Its supposed to fix some bugs but no fixed bug has been described nor reported. Well known unfixed bugs have been found though. And it supposedly has some improvements - see links.
Aaaaand they still did not fix the border disappearing bug they introduced with the 2.0 patch four years ago. Figures.