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Hello Zrevnur,

Thanks for the reports, it's great to see someone still attentively looking at the XML!

I'm not really set up to work on the mod anymore, but I wouldn't object to a user-made patch, so feel free to post one.

Inspiration should be fixed by switching the + 1 to * 1

The other fixes you mention would work as proposed.
Primal_Savage: Thanks for the reports, it's great to see someone still attentively looking at the XML!
There are a lot of things in your mod and also the original game which I didnt like so I have been doing more than 'looking', mostly removing or disabling things for me. Unfortunately I have also encountered many bugs in the game engine which cant be fixed by modding. The game engine is in a really sad state. The game could have been one of the top 4X games if they would have bothered to 'finish' it. Its impressive that you were able to put up with all the bugs and other issues making this mod.
As for my reports here - I am just posting them in case somebody (especially you if you ever get back to this) finds them useful.
'Arcane Construction' spell is bugged for me. Not 100% sure its a general problem. If I remove (dispel) it it does not actually get removed. The icon in the map view and the -10% effect stay. The enchantment slot however becomes 'free' so that another spell can be placed. And the icon is no longer visible in the city details view either.

Adding -1 duration fixed it for me - I also removed the unrest part as I think it was an attempted workaround for part of the issue.

Spell_X_Haven is also affected by the same problem. (And there may be others.)
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<SpellDef InternalName="Spell_X_Raiders"> doesnt work properly for me.

Somehow the casting unit got to act multiple times as often as it should and then later (not 100% sure about the later part) it didnt get to act at all. This is after the bonus initiative was gone - at least according to the stat window.
Issue with Spell_X_Stun3 replacing Spell_X_Stun2:

Stun3 uses 'TargetKnockedProne' mechanic and Stun2 uses "ChanceToLoseNextTurn". Many units are immune to 'TargetKnockedProne' though so it is a bad "upgrade".
In addition to all the 'Produce xyz' improvements in Xtra are probably bugged in the same manner. I only tested <ImprovementType InternalName="Produce_X_Crystal"> and <ImprovementType InternalName="Produce_X_Power_L"> though - both had the bug.
Dont know if this originates from CoS or Xtra:

In <GameItemType InternalName="Cloak_Orvandil"> there is a mismatch between description and stats:

<Provides>::: +5 DEF per 2 Levels</Provides>

(And the item is too strong and should probably be nerfed.)
The .xml for <SpellDef InternalName="Spell_X_SummonLightbringer_2"> has 2 bugs:

<Calculate InternalName="Calc" ValueOwner="CastingUnit">
<Expression><![CDATA[[UnitOwner_GetNumLifeShards] + 5]]></Expression>
<Calculate InternalName="Calc2" ValueOwner="CastingUnit">
<Expression><![CDATA[[Calc2] + [UnitStat_BonusSummonLevel]]]></Expression>
<SpellDef InternalName="SummonLightbringer"> has the same bug with summon level being a hard 5.
This item can do a ranged melee attack: <GameItemType InternalName="Staff_Stag">

There are two files where it appears. Probable cause is this entry due to the staff not having a ranged attack: <TacticalRange>20</TacticalRange>