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Whose side am I meant to be on? One minute I am playing Kane and presumably am supposed to care about helping him evade police capture, then the next I am playing one of the cops hunting him and am supposed to care about capturing him?

I remember playing a Kane scene and presumably was meant to be invested in his plight as an innocent man evading the authorities who would think him a killer in a murder he is not responsible for, then in I think the next scene I am meant to be creating a photo composite of a suspect to help the cops nail him? You what? I didn't know whether to deliberately throw the photo to help Kane or since this is a cop scene, do it right as I think the game expects,

Also, I can honestly think of no other game with QTEs where "winning" the QTE loses you the game, and in order to progress you must deliberately fail it?

For instance the scene where a cop is interviewing Kane at work, before they know he is the suspect. in this one I kept getting the game over screen despite winning every QTE, and it was only when looking on the net that I learned that you needed to lose the QTEs to stop failing the scene? You what?

Thirdly, when you have a game with two male lead characters, give them recognisably distinct voices. Don't use the same voice actor for both, or if you do, at least get him to change his voice more significantly.

Fourthly, while I know in some circumstances it fits the drama better to have a time limit on dialogue choices, but for most of the game there was no dramatic reason for hurrying me so quickly. I like to consider the options not have two or three seconds to process my choices.

Despite all that, I still think it is a good game, and very unique.
What you consider odd others consider exceptionally unique. Unique is good.
I'd have thought that good unique is good, rather than unique being good per se.

And yes, it certainly is exceptionally unique to have QTEs where if you pass them you lose the game, and you have to deliberately fail them in order to progress.
If I remember correctly it's possible to pass that scene without losing the QTE as long as your mental health is high enough.

But generally I enjoy how you have to play the story from the different perspectives. When I played the game I tried to keep Lucas free when I played as him and capture him when I played as Carla/Tyler.