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What are the possible choices in customization when CREATING your character?

Is the player character fixed ? (i.e. the man onthe trailers?)
Or can you customize AT CREATION its appearance, its sex, etc.?
Can you also select STARTING stats ? (creating a warrior vs. creating a crafter ?)

(I am not asking for character EVOLUTION, only CREATION)
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I think there is nothing.
I wish also games like this one would have atleast basic character creation - atleast few different faces for different characters, if it is in 3rd person. The character here looks atleast interesting in this game, but I didn't even try games like Outcast, because the character is not sympathetic to me at all, so if there would be atleast some add-on/deluxe version with different faces, characters, it would be something for me, but the pack is for new weapons only...
The charakter is fixed, there are no attributes, so nothing to select or change, you know a bit of everything but need followers to get better, the follwers are fixed either but you don't always get the same follower at the same spot.
No character creation/customization? That kills the game for me right there. If you have a role playing game, I like to select the roll I'm playing.
cailic27: If you have a role playing game, I like to select the roll I'm playing.
This isn't a role playing game.