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Hi everyone,

I dont understand exactly if/how we can get the last available version of factorio as the steam versions and GOG versions doesn't match.

Until yesterday on steam the latest available version was 0.13.8, on GOG, our latest version was on experimental branch 0.13.8-BETA ... do you know if it's the same one or if the flag "BETA" means that's it's an on-going 0.13.8 version but not the final one ?

Since yesterday steam is now in 0.13.9, but our "normal" branch is 0.12.35-GOG3.

Does this mean that developpers or GOG team have a lot of additional work to do to deliver the game on GOG what would explain the delay in version and the difference in the "flag GOG3" ? Or is it just me that doesn't understand the GOG system update ?

If someone could explain this tht would be great ;)

I can't fully answer your questions, but I can tell you how I get the latest build

I use GOG Galaxy, switched on the "Experimental" Beta Brach for Factorio and get the latest alpha/beta builds a few days after the Steam release. Current build is 0.13.9.

A second way to get the latest build (works perfectly for me):
1) Create an account at the factorio website (
2) Upgrade this account with your Factorio-"CD-Key", a very long string found in your GOG account, Factorio game.
3) Login at factorio and download the latest alpha build as zip package (32 or 64 Bit, depending on your OS)
4) Unpack the contents of this zip into your installation directory of Factorio, overwriting everything but "config-path.cfg".
5) Play - and enjoy latest build.
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Thanks a lot, I also did it this way finally, after a few days the GALAXY version alpha branch was the one you said (last one) ... but then I noticed that the latest version available on GOG galaxy was not the same one that available on GOG website (direct HTTP download). It was in 13.9 in GOG GALAXY and 13.11 in GOG website, since a few hours it's now 13.11 in GOG GALAXY and 13.13 in GOG website, quite strange, one version late or maybe a few day latency.

I didn't know the tip you mentionned about registering to Factorio website, thanks a lot also for this :). The online matchmaking was returning me an error "Buy an official Steam or GOG version", I thought it was due to the fact I was in the Alpha branch but now that my Factorio account is linked to the GOG key it works well ... I don't like the complexity related to the Factorio/GOG couple but at least it finally work (I think that Steam users doesn't have to do these accounts connexion to make it work :-/ )
after the new steam update with new chat, I'm pretty sure steam updates has the higher rank of your question... according this article