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Hello everyone,

I did some research and there are some people who have managed to set this game up so it runs on a controller but on Steam. Is there a way to set up keybindings for a controller on GOG or in-game?

Thank you in advance.

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I have serious doubts that you will manage to play the game with a controller. As far as I know the game was never developed with a controller in mind. So the keyboard layout is very spread out to say the least.

I'm not completely discarding the thought. Maybe the developer will add it later (they are kind of awesome that way). But as of right now there is no controller support to my knowledge unless you use a third party tool like Joy2Key.
If you want to run the game on a controller, one way might be to use an nVidia Shield Tablet or Portable with nVidia's streaming tech. Those devices also have software built-in that enables some interesting control options.

To use a controller to play the game, Controller Companion on Steam can be used with any game and isn't restricted to just Steam stuff. It's pretty cheap and offers Workshop mods including a couple of Factorio profiles.
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Not really. The only decent way to play with a controller is to get yourself a Steam Controller. But, even then it's cumbersome to play. It's very much a KBM-Optimized game.