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Changelog for patch 0.15.28 [Experimental build] / (Windows) / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 07 July 2017):

- Full changelog at:
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Patch 0.15.30 [Experimental build] / (Mac) / (Linux) (added 17 July 2017):

- The full changelog can be viewed at:
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Changelog for Patch 0.15.31 (added 03 August 2017):

The full changelog can be viewed at: and specifically here.

Changelog for Patch 0.15.32 [Experimental build] (added 03 August 2017):

The full changelog can be viewed at: and specifically here.
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Changelog for Patch 0.15.33 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 18 August 2017):

The full changelog can be viewed at: and specifically here.
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Changelog for Patch 0.15.34 / (Windows, Linux and Mac) (added 08 September 2017):

The full changelog can be viewed at: and specifically here.
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Changelog for Patch 0.15.37 (added 18 October 2017):

The full changelog can be viewed here.
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Changelog for Patch 0.15.40 (added 06 December 2017):

The full changelog can be viewed here.
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Changelog for patch 0.16.2 (added 14 December 2017):


- Fixed a crash when using the "flow" custom GUI element type in a mod. (54609)
- Fixed a crash when migrating energy sources from mods. (54622)
- Fixed a crash when a request to mod portal timeouts. (54661)
- Fixed that burner inserters wouldn't fuel burner furnaces in some cases. (54604)
- Fixed blueprint labels wouldn't render in the world. (54639)
- Fixed building entities very quickly could duplicate them in some cases. (54610)
- Fixed a crash when clicking refresh in Browse mods dialog. (54648)
- Fixed a crash when fast-replacing electric poles. (54679)
- Fixed a crash when trying to load mods in zipped format. (54686)
- Fixed a crash when loading saves where the character was in a vehicle which is being removed due to mod removal. (54629)
- Fixed that right click didn't work in the production/electric stats GUIs. (54699)
- Fixed a crash when migrating specific simple-entities to 0.16. (54712)
- Fixed lamp energy info in sidebar and in the Lua interface.
- Fixed that the logistic network embargo achievement didn't disallow the buffer chest.
- Fixed that fast-replace building ghost underground belts and pipes wouldn't rotate the direction correctly.
- Changed (hopefully improved) the heuristic that decides which rail path should be selected for manual rail building.
- Attempt at fixing game not working on macOS 10.12 and older. (54549)


- Fixed the game did not check type of units defined in resul_units of unit-spawner. (54650)
adryanusboy: Changelog for patch 0.16.2 (added 14 December 2017):
Is this update on the GOG version yet?
adryanusboy: Changelog for patch 0.16.2 (added 14 December 2017):
Point_Man: Is this update on the GOG version yet?
If you open GOG Galaxy client, you'll see 0.15.40 with beta channels off and If you open Factorio from GOG Galaxy the game itself will announce you there Is a new version and ask you to update (0.16.36), your call to click update or not - looks like GOG Galaxy remains at 0.15.40

Add me as friend for more info, no more replyes besides the topic itself (changelog).
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Changelog for patch 0.16.3 (added 15 December 2017):


- When mining normal entities ghost entity selection is disabled until the mining key is released.


- Train stop penalty is applied when exiting the block with it instead of entering which should prevent searching for long paths just before destination train stop.


- Fixed changelog GUI displaying no version when launching the game (54682)
- Fixed crashes and desyncs related to circuit controlled lamps in more electric networks. (54671)
- Fixed advanced rail tutorial no path error. (54645)
- Fixed inventory transfer tutorial furnaces couldn't smelt ore. (54653)
- Fixed unknown locale key in train station tutorial. (54636)
- Fixed new hope level-02 script error. (54732)
- Fixed that the player would die when mining an enclosed vehicle while driving it. (54752)
- Fixed achievement progress bars rendering that caused misalignment of tracked achievements. (54542)
- Fixed that achievement title was sometimes not visible.
- Fixed spacing of effect icons in technology detail. (54608)
- Fixed that the player could teleport over things to get into a vehicle. (54749)
- Fixed the achievement progress bars rendering.
- Fixed that achievements not obtainable with peaceful mode were obtainable with enemy settings lower then default. (51252)
- Fixed that exiting the car whilst shooting could lead to a crash. (54738)
- Fixed that you could not submit a console message if you mapped it to ENTER. (
- Fixed that the value of "bottom" of vertical align was not parsed properly. (54783)
- Fixed crash related to scenario message dialog.
- Fixed very low performance of drawing decoratives on medium or lower video memory usage setting. (54681)
- Fixed that window to select signal wasn't working when sub-groups were enabled but groups disabled. (54728)
- Fixed that LuaGame::take_screenshot would ignore the given surface. (54734)
- Fixed the tank being hurt by its own flamethrower. (54748)
- Fixed updater not properly setting permission bits (54786)
- Fixed that hazard concrete didn't have a walking sound in one rotation. (54810)
- Fixed force-building blueprint rails would build multiple rails on the same location. (54805)
- Fixed that you could copy-paste enemy structure settings. (54821)
- Fixed that double clicking the scroll bar in the save-game GUI would save the game. (54830)
- Fixed that exiting the car with a passenger would leave the car driving in some cases. (54729)
- Fixed that the read stopped train output signal wouldn't show unless the enable/disable checkbox was checked. (54835)
- Fixed amount in resource entity tooltip might be displayed as negative number. (54841)
- Attempted to fix hangs or crashes when using single channel textures for alpha masks on some PCs. (54551)
- Fixed that the deconstruction marker on diagonal rails was off-center.
- Fixed wrong order of buttons in Direct connection password dialogue. (54867)
- Reactor pipes now render correctly, without rotation. (54759)
- Browse games GUI now shows active filter text after reopening the GUI. (54803)
- Fixed incorrect number of rails being used when building with rail planner. (54791)
- Fixed priting of errors in Browse games GUI. (54815)


- Fixed JSON parser did not fail on comma at the end of list or dictionary. (54828)
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Changelog for patch 0.16.4 (added 16 December 2017):


- Fixed progress bar in automatic updates GUI. (54812)
- Fixed crash caused by mouse drag in an empty schedule in Locomotive GUI. (54843)
- Belt rendering fix. (54852)
- Fixed the mining speed for drills would show 1 higher than it actually was. (54885)
- Fixed issue with changelogs in mods. (54842)
- Fixed that the server could crash if it received invalid data. (54876)
- Fixed crash on startup when texture compression was enabled. (54891)
- Fixed that roboport connections wouldn't render as cleanly as 0.15. (54907)
- Fixed that using the /ban command with no parameters would crash the game. (54948)
- Fixed browse mods/games, so the vertical progress bars always keep space for the scroller, so the window doesn't change size when data is loaded, or searching minimizes the result to just a page or less.
- Fixed the game would not enter minimal mode if there was an error in migration script. (54828)
- Fixed the delete-achievements tooltip wouldn't be removed. (54980)
- Fixed the use-recipe-groups config option was ignored in the select-signal GUI. (54892)


- Fixed that LuaPlayer::admin write didn't work. (54960)
- Added 2 optional parameters to LuaSurface::create_entity when creating resource entities: enable_tree_removal and enable_cliff_removal.
- Changed burner prototypes to support fuel_category or fuel_categories + changed the Lua API to match.
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Changelog for patch 0.16.5 (added 17 December 2017):


- Fixed boilers outputting water in New hope campaign levels. (54722)
- Fixed slow saving of New hope level 2. (54998)
- Fixed that blueprint books couldn't be built from the zoomed-to-world view. (55043)
- Fixed a crash when loading saves with modded blueprint entities migrated multiple times. (55020)
- Fixed a crash when importing blueprints with circuit connections when a mod had made the entities not circuit connectable. (55026)
- Fixed that forced ghost building (shift + click) didn't work correctly.
- Fixed destroying an entity powered from two electric networks would corrupt future saves. (54775)
- Fixed zooming in on uncharted map areas would reveal tiles on uncharted chunks. (55044)
- Fixed beacon would not highlight labs that are in range of its effects. (55087)
- Fixed disappearing sprites with Low VRAM Mode option enabled. (54672)
- Fixed glitch in one of the stone path transition sprites. (54981)
- Adjusted default graphics options to reflect increased memory requirements for high resolution sprites due to more sprites being converted to high resolution in 0.16.
- Improved very poor performance with video memory usage set to low. (55039)


- Fixed circuit connector would not be visible on entities with more than one picture layer. Now the connector will render as 10th layer. (55028)
- Fixed icon_size scaled also icon's dark background in alt mode. (54640)
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Changelog for patch 0.16.6 (18th December 2017):

- Fixed a crash when trying to filter the main inventory in the god-controller. (55171)
- Fixed various crashes caused by mining or otherwise changing power poles. (55176)
- Fixed a desync when using bad values in the /color command. (55048)
- Better handling of the case where we mine our own car but our inventory's full. (55254)
- Fixed placing blueprint over existing Rail Signals does not build wires. (54997)
- Reverted "Number of entities in hand when previewing the entity to be built is now aligned to the entity."
It proved to create too big problems with readability while building and running.
- Fixed that rolling stocks in cursor had no icon when there was no valid location for them.
- Fixed that TextBox was not re-layouting text when size was changed through styles.


Changelog for patch 0.16.7 (21st December 2017):

- Fixed that trains approaching train stop started breaking 2 times sooner when no signal was in front of the stop.
- Fixed order of controls in the control settings GUI. (55292)
- Fixed rail pumps becoming invalid after being teleported via Lua. (55203)
- Fixed that biter expansion chunks weren't being generated correctly. (54988)
- Fixed that rail signal ghost of different force (so invisible) was restricting rail placement.
- Fixed server crash when last player leaves the game while the server is saving. (55164)
- Fixed text cursor positioning inside a text box during scroll. (55106)
- Fixed an additional crash when trying to filter the main inventory in the god-controller in the train GUI. (55319)
- Fixed that blueprint strings wouldn't copy station names in blueprints. (55323)
- Fixed that blueprints would build partially in chunks not visible by radar from the zoomed-to-world view. (55138)
- Fixed a crash when canceling loading of specific save files. (55343)
- Fixed the programmable speaker GUI wouldn't update correctly. (55339)
- Fixed a bug where text in a text box disappeared after jumping to cursor that is off view.
- Fixed --apply-update not setting executable permissions (55325)
- Fixed that pasting assembler recipe to requester chest would request too few items for some recipes. (55341)
- Fixed crash when exiting the game while a recipe tooltip was open. (55324)
- Fixed positioning of progress bars in mod download dialogs. (54968)
- Fixed creation of overlapping wagons under certain circumstances. (55371)
- Fixed scrolling by caret in a text box that would cause lines to disappear.
- Fixed jittering when driving cars/tanks in some cases. (54916)
- Fixed that only the first blueprint book, blueprint, and deconstruction planner item type would show in the blueprint library. (55367)
- Fixed crash when recalculating connections between roboports. (55368)
- Fixed crash when exiting mod portal during a refresh. (55377)
- Fixed error in saving blueprinted inserters with overridden stack size. (55397)
- Entities waiting for modules can now be fast replaced. (55104)
- Fixed saving of New hope level 2. (55400)
- Fixed that the game would crash trying to load some old saves. (54866)
- Fixed train top speed calculation when not all locomotives used the same fuel type. (55442)
- Fixed roboports wouldn't provide the repair packs for other robots to use when loading saves from 0.15. (55375)
- Fixed a crash when removing modded tiles that had tile ghosts waiting to be built. (55455)
- Fixed a crash when loading saves without specific mods. (55356)
- Fixed that scenario errors would lead to getting stuck on the map preview screen if started through the map preview. (55466)
- Fixed multiple issues with enemy force interaction. (55439)
- Removed the mechanics of 3 different fluid tanks in fluid wagon, and simplified it so the fluid wagon has just 1 fluid.
- Ghost belt entities don't connect to other (ghost/or non-ghost) belt entities if they don't have the same force.
This prevents ghost belt of other force (invisible to the player) from changing the shape of the belt.
- Building a blueprint on top of existing assembling machines, refineries and chemical plants also copies the rotation, along with the recipe. (55108)
- Added direction, created_by_moving, and shift_build event parameters to on_put_item event.
- Replaced ScrollPane::dont_scroll_horizontally by horizontal_scroll_policy and vertical_scroll_policy.
- Added LuaGameScript::backer_names read.
- Added LuaStyle::want_ellipsis read/write.
Minor Features:
- Added /version command.
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Changelog for patch 0.16.8 (29th December 2017):

- Storage chests can be filtered.
Minor Features:
- Requester chests can now request stuff from buffer chests as was originally intended. Buffer chests are provided items
only if all requester chests are satisfied for that specific item.
- Requester chests have a checkbox that specifies whether it should or shouldn't request things from buffer chests. It is off by default.
- Optimized selecting robot tasks for requester chests.
- Changed fluid wagon capacity from 75k to 25k (Same as storage tank).
- Lowered fluid wagon weight from 3000 to 1000 (same as cargo wagon).
- Changed fluid wagon recipe so it requires just 1 storage tank instead of 3.
- Lowered barrel fluid capacity from 250 to 50. (So cargo wagon with barrels holds 20k and logistic robots are not too strong alternative to carrying fluids.)
- Decreased barreling crafting time from 1 second to 0.2 seconds.
- Fixed loading of achievements with steam version. (
- Fixed train schedule resizing with very large player inventory. (
- Fixed missing auto resizing of Lua GUI elements when caption changes. (
- Fixed that it was possible to set duplicate logistic requests.
- Fixed missing entity counts when selecting area for blueprint on low graphics quality. (
- Fixed calculation of basis noise when x<0 (
- Fixed missing locale key in fluid wagon description. (
- Fixed that the fluid wagon wouldn't show any GUI when it had an equipment grid. (
- Fixed evolution command output in campaigns. (
- Fixed shotgun shooting direction when aiming between the player and the nozzle. (
- Fixed technology sorting. (
- Fixed that the default list box font was called "default-list_box". (
- Fixed that clicking "Generate" button in the generate map window while the exchange string field was enlarged
moved the button around before the mouse up was registered. The exchange string field will now never shrink on focus lost.
- Fixed that setting LuaPlayer::opened to an empty item would crash the game. (
- Fixed performance issues when hovering over huge resource patches in map or zoomed-to-world view. (
- Fixed a desync when hosting multiplayer directly and building blueprints. (
- Fixed a crash when calling specific LuaEntity properties. (
- Fixed module effects weren't checked correctly for modded modules. (
- Fixed a crash when teleporting roboports or logistic containers marked for deconstruction. (
- Fixed roboports would show up twice in the logistic GUI. (
- Fixed the background on the select-recipe GUI for the choose-elem-button didn't show correctly. (
- Fixed changing transport belt speeds through mods on existing saves. (
- Fixed a crash when setting filters on cargo wagons in multiplayer. (
- Fixed a crash when trying to put blueprint books in blueprint books. (
- Fixed that train could overshoot a station when the schedule was changed by the script.
- Fixed that heat pipes would incorrectly update their connections when teleported. (
- Fixed the problem of flickering tooltips in a generic way (hopefully). (
- Fixed that the table of games was focused (for keyboard control) even if the player focused the search bar manually. (
- Fixed crash that can happen when train on its path to station that was deactivated finds path to different alternative station of the same name
that leads in opposite direction to current train movement. (
- The item-with-tags and selection-tool item types now support LuaItemStack::item_number.
- Added an optional player parameter to LuaEntity::order_deconstruction, cancel_deconstruction, LuaTile::cancel_deconstruction,
LuaSurface::deconstruct_area, and LuaSurface::cancel_deconstruct_area.


Changelog for patch 0.16.9 (29th December 2017):

- Fixed that player didn't request from buffer chests.
- Fixed that some maps with modded selection-tool items failed to load.


Changelog for patch 0.16.10 (30th December 2017):
- Fixed crash related to setting logistic requests by circuit network.
- Fixed requester chest state migration between different save versions.
- Fixed one of the problems of internal provider data corruption related to setting inventory bar limit.


Changelog for patch 0.16.11 (30th December 2017):
- Fixed yet another requester chest state migration error.
- Fixed that burner inserter didn't show the fuel icon when out of energy sometimes. (
- Fixed that some specific pre 0.15 maps couldn't be loaded.


Changelog for patch 0.16.12 (31st December 2017):

- Fixed that rail signal indicator didn't show two way signal placement in junctions even when the signal was placeable there.
- Fixed that the game would crash if the mouse was moved fast enough outside the game window while loading a map. (
- Fixed crash related to logistic chests to be cancel-deconstructed.
- Fixed few cases where logistic requesters and buffers were not initialized correctly when built before the roboport.

Changelog for patch 0.16.13 (3rd January 2018):

When will the forums let me post this changelog?
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