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I don't think the devs will actually change any of these, or if they are even possible to get changed, but I do have a couple of nitpicks that I would like to voice.

Firstly, the starting control scheme isn't the default one and the psi powers are bound to MOUSE 4....I don't have a mouse that has a mouse 4, just the usual three buttons and scroll wheel. The default keybinds, outside of the interact key being ENTER, is fine and should be the default for when people download the title.

Secondly, it activates steam overlay whenever I play it. I don't like steam overlay, at all, and it's kind of weird that a game I downloaded from GOG still has that steam integration.

Thirdly, and this is a nitpick that I have with a lot of titles, is why isn't all of the user data saved within the folder that EYE is in? If I got it on a flash drive and I play at someone elses place, I want the saves to be in the same location as the game, not in a separate folder put onto that persons computer...