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i remember the demo i played long before, i bought the retail few years later but can remember it didnt work on XP i think and of course win7 too. is there a patch for getting it run on win7?

is this GOG edition optimized?

and btw. is the soundrack as playable files in the folder?

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It looks to be the same as the retail version, but patched of course to not require the CD.

I am running it fine on Windows 10 without a hitch. Even at 1080p with no issues. So I would say it is optimized, but it lacks the Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping that the Matrox G400 and since-removed Android versions had.

I cannot find a soundtrack in the game's folder, so I would have to say "no".
Well, there is one change as gog seems to sell a censored version, I noticed during the intro cutscene the soldier wears underwear while my cdrom version he's naked.