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Just to let everyone know...there's actually a legit 3rd person view (camera "stuck" behind the back like in other games) which makes this game a lot more playable with mouse and keyboard (just map strafe left/right to A/D and forward/backward to W/S). I guess it was used during development as a level design tool or it's scrapped feature or whatever. Quote from the steam forums:

"Get in any level, start the gameplay part and type "bod" and press the minus key on your numpad ( you might have to turn on the numlock for it to work) then type "bucketofchicken" and then press the minus key again and voila - the game is now in third person perspective and is actually now playable. The cheat stays on throughout the levels until you turn off the whole game, then you would you have to type it back in again."

Note 1: For some reason I had to go to settings for the game to register the keystrokes, but I dunno it may have been just due to me typing too slow (or too fast).
Note 2: When you type "bod-" text will appear on the screen saying cheats are enabled, if this doesn't happen something went wrong and don't bother typing the rest and try again.
Thanks for this, I do agree the game is more enjoyable. I now wish there was a first person mode cheat.