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Game stores the settings in the registry. To make things easier first start the game and go to the options menu, change the resolution to some value and save the changes, so the game creates the entries in the registry. Exit the game.

Click start and in the search bar enter "regedit"(without the quotations). In the Registry Editor window on the left side find and select:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Computer Artworks/Evolva/1.0

Right click "DisplayModeHeight" and "DisplayModeWidth", press "Modify..." and enter the value you wish.


Like in many other games rendering in Evolva is optimized by rendering low quality models when they are "far" away from the player. By default enemies have 5 different models and other objects 2 to 3 models, and the highest quality one would only be used when around 3-5 meters from the player. On high resolution displays the transition between various models is quite noticeable and distracting, and modern PC hardware can easily handle the usage of high detailed models for all objects.

Luckily the LOD settings are stored in external files(of course I figured that out when I finished the game) and can be edited easily. Go to Evolva\Resources\Informs open the "LOD" files with Notepad or something and delete all the entries except the first one and set it's value to 0. There are 45 files in total.

I uploaded the changed files to moddb and you can see some screenshots there. This modification disables the game from switching between high and low detailed models(LOD) for enemies and other dynamic objects when the player moves closer or away from them. The game will use high detailed models all the time. Original files are included too.


This only works with the bump mapping patch(included in GOG release). While in game go into the mutator screen and change your team name to "extrastuff"(without the quotations), exit the mutator screen by clicking the confirm button and save your game. Go into the options menu and select configure controls. Scroll down to the bottom to see the keys for first person view, debug and wireframe mode.

I found some other cheats in a walkthrough, but I haven't tested these yet:

The Evolva game store all its information at "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Computer Artworks/Evolva/1.0" registry
key. The following values can be created for some effects (all values is the strings):
"InfiniteHealth" Self explain, I think. "1" is the "On".
"GenosAutoHeal" Just the same with previous?
"Debug" Enable debug keys (F8,F9, maybe more).
"InfiniteMutations" Self explain, I think. "1" is the "On".
"NumLevelsCompleted" Number of levels completed. "5", for example, for level 4. "12" for the whole game. Changes the level you load when you start a new game.
"EnableDebugConsole" Self explain, but I don`t know how to bring it on. "1" is the "On".

All mutations from the start
Use Regedit again, this time go to the
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Computer Artworks/Evolva" registry key.
Create a new key called "Genes". The following values can be created:
Claw, Flame, Spike, Spore, Stealth, Necrocyte, Electricity, Shield, Mucus, Genedisruptor, Jump, Speed, Armour, Stickyfoot. Give them values (100 for the lowest, 3750 for one level, 31000 for the highest).

Full Gene Power:
Go into the evolva directory and search for lvl files type *.lvl in Windows search. There are 12 files labeled level 1 - 12. If you open a level with notepad (i.e., level1.lvl, you may wish to back it up first) and change the Genes to:
This will give you full "genes power." So you will have maximum power with just one animal absorbed.
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Thanks for this, looks pretty useful. I'll be sure to try it if I'll ever feel like giving Evolva a second chance.
Thank you, antrad88.