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This game is just not very well designed. It's a shame, too, because the idea and the style are pretty wonderful. Unfortunately it's just very poorly executed.
The two biggest problems are the way base building and finance management works and the AI.
Base building works like this: your minion goes to your treasure room, picks up some money, runs outside to a helipad (which may NOT be the one on the same side of the map as your base entrance, leaving you with the choice of making your base needlessly vulnerable or needlessly inefficient), grabs the item, runs BACK inside through your labrynthine dungeon and finally places the item. He is vulnerable to attack throughout most of this process.
Waiting for money to come in is even worse. You have to assign your minions to steal on the world map and ONCE every MINUTE you get a usually measly income. This can take forever, and you can't walk away from it either because superagents will come and gobble them up if you aren't watching.
This worst part, though, is AI. I trained an army of snipers only to watch them forget they had guns most of the time. They would run up and start fist fights with enemy agents who did NOT forget about their automatic rifles. Just terrible.
It hurts that this game is so flawed. It could have been great.