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WHen I boot up my game for the first time, the resolution is at the default of 800x600, but when I start the game up a second time, regardless of whether I changed the resolution or not, the game will default to 1280x960, which my monitor doesn't support.
The game apparently renders fine, but I can't do anything as the screen is not displayed because of an unsupported resolution. does anyone know what I can do to force the game to stay at a specific resolution?
Note, I tried in windowed mode, but I couldn't read any of the text making the game unplayable as I can't see what the objectives are.
Note #2, this problem persists with the vanilla GoG installation and with the unofficial patch applied.
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Please add some more information about Your system. And try to run the game in admin mode.
My system is a
AMD X2 3800
2GB of ram
Nvidia 6800GS GPU
Windows XP Pro SP3
I've tried to run the game in 640x480 forced resolution, but the game insists on running in an unsupported resolution when in full screen.
c:\Program Files\\Evil Genius\DynamicResources\Config\PresentParameters.ini
check the contents of that file with notepad.
it has the screen resolution in it.
I tried modding the .ini files and that didn't work.
Thanks for the effort guys, but I found the solution on the evil genius unofficial forums. I
the solution is on the last few posts.