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Many are the hours I've whiled away, petting my cats and laughing maniacally as I played Evil Genius.
Gameplay moves between an animated view of your secret island lair and a strategic world map. In the island view, you juggle keeping everything straight: your minions must be functional and productive, your assets must be protected from international agents, and your base layout must expand efficiently. On the strategic map, you move your minions around like chess pieces, pursuing your nefarious goals across the globe.
The game has style to spare. A brilliant (if a bit repetitive) musical score brings up the 60's super espionage atmosphere. Your minions have lots of personality as they go about their tasks. And there are *plenty* of ways to take care of those do-gooder spies, should they happen to penetrate your sub-volcanic lair and try to make off with your molecularly miniaturised Eiffel Tower. Oh yes... PLENTY of options for the creative mind. MUWAHAHAHAHA!
Evil Genius is a high point in the God Game genre. Do I expect you to pick up a copy right now?
... No, Mister Bond! I EXPECT YOU TO DIE!