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Is there really noone talking about this game here? I've seen at least 1 post where someone jumped all over a Poster for 'Nercoing'. But if nobodies talking and interacting in the community then people tend to go elsewhere. For instance, I'm now heading over to steams forums to see there is any updated links/information.

Maybe I'll be back if it's as dead there as it appears to be here.

I loved this game back years ago. Recently I got reminded of it and came here after reinstalling to 'patch up'. But I cannot find posts with working links in them. Or rather, I'm finding too many broken links in the posts I find and that makes me hesitant to try anything in the posts.

The things I'm looking for are:
Patch's Official and UnOfficial
Resolution changers
tweaks like zoom, population limits etc...

Anyway, like I said, I'll go try Steam. Maybe someone will reply here with good info for new or returning players.
Don't feel bad, I thought gog version was fully updated and fixed. Didn't know there was offical and unofficial patches that I needed.