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I'm in the beginning of the game and I don't understand what I am supposed to do with soldiers of foreign nations (platoons of guys armed with rifles). They would come to my base and just start shooting at anything they want, without being attacked or provoked - a pressure sensor, a door they want to get in, a valet who'd come to them trying to weaken. No traps work on them cause they see and destroy them immediately. And they are simply too strong for me to kill, and even if I manage to, the base is ruied and the population close to zero. What do I do?
Also I have security cameras connected to the security desk, and yet heavy fighting may be going on in front of them and nothing happens. They don't react on most agents. At the same time the game scares the hoot of me every time an agent opens a door anywhere.
Thanks in advance if someone can help.
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it sounds like you didnt have much/any guards
or if you did have some you didn't have the gun racks
if i recall you may need to sound the alarm for them to arm themselves as well

also maybe too much heat is being generated on the map

that's the best guesses i can make from what you posted
(though to be fair i am not very far in myself)

also the enemy soldiers usually seem to appear if the spys are allowed to escape your island after finding evidence
of your being a villian

at least that seems to match up with what i have seen while playing
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Vyraexii: it sounds like you didnt have much/any guards
Thanks for the answer!
I figured out it was not so much about not having enough guards, it was about how you deal with those "exceptional soldiers" (I also played the hard level, this time was medium). What I've done now (took me all night,hehe) is building a huge barracks and training area and staff room and mess room - anything where people normally need to be, right by the entrance. I don't even build corridors between those rooms so that people can walk freely. Lots of empty space by the entrance so that people can rush from all directions towards the enemy.
So whenever any other units come, I always have many valets around to make them stupid, and then they don't even resist when you kill them. And when exceptional (or "good") soldiers come, I wait until they come in as close as possible and start shooting (unfortunately as they approach the entrance they may kill lots of helpless units running around but if I try to protect them, they will just shoot the guards one by one), and send the whole shebang of guards on them by red alarm, brute force. Also, right by the entrance in the corridor I have a small room with my henchman, behind the door with security setting 3, sort of an ambush. So he can attack when I choose a good moment and kill 1-2 units before dying :)
I have no clue how to deal with them in any other way...
Have a Happy New Year!
Vyraexii: it sounds like you didnt have much/any guards
SVGuss: I have no clue how to deal with them in any other way...
Have a Happy New Year!
Although it's not as much fun as murder, the best way to deal with enemy agents is to capture them, then keep torturing them until they've not only lost all heat (the red bars) but regained their blue bar, then release them.

All agents (and tourists too - works for them too!) have a limited time on your island, after which they leave. So the idea is to ensure that they spend most of that time not finding anything (e.g. via lots of low-zero heat stuff near the front of your base - let them investigate freely in there if you want!), and the rest of the time being tortured to forget about the few times they did discover something dodgy.

If agents (and tourists) leave with no heat, then you don't gain heat on the world map. If they leave with a blue bar instead, you'll actually LOSE heat on the world map.

Just make sure no one leaves with a red bar, because heat then goes up.

BUT - killing them isn't the best. Sure, technically they won't come back with heat (because they're dead), but those deaths ARE noticed. The thing with killing enemies in this game is that while it looks like you're controlling heat, there's actually a separate (and hidden!) value that keeps track of "violence" (or something like that). What this does is reduce the threshold that that triggers their "high threat" response - i.e. when they feel threatened.

Normally, agents (except soldiers of course) won't actually attack things unless they get attacked; however, if you keep killing a region's agents, eventually even their lowly investigators will be REALLY sketchy as soon as they land on your island - to the point where they will attack harmless, inanimate objects, such as your storage lockers!

At that point, there's no choice but to ensure you're on some kind of alert all the time, since all agents from that region will be excessively trigger happy.

IMO the best way to "control" the situation, is to use traps. It's possible to set things up such that enemies are automatically rendered either unconscious or stupid so that they never get anywhere juicy - most of the time. They can still sneak past traps when your guys go through, so to minimise that I tend to have only one "entrance"/path active at once (ie I try to ensure a path that agents are near are set to 3 so my guys don't use it).

The second-best way, and the most fun IMO, is to properly partition things such that not only do you have rec rooms, mess halls etc. located optimally, you also have a good camera network (or on the last island, 3 or 4!). That means cameras everywhere, and speakers in all mess halls/rec rooms, with security rooms always manned. You still need to manually "tag" enemies (otherwise they're ignored), but it's the best way to ensure you can get your guards to capture enemies without having to use a henchman to round them up (I reserve that for the super agents, or if the other idiots fail).

Also: for some reason red alert actually makes EVERYONE (even scientists and valets etc) attempt to kill everyone else (including tourists). So I'd use it sparingly, and go for yellow alert most of the time instead.

The main issue with yellow alert is that everyone decides that yellow alert is no big deal, so they all WALK to get their damn guns, which usually means by the time they get them the enemies have already been subdued...
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